Yes yes, it’s the jargin again. How spiritual knitting can be, pull out your yoga mat that has collected dust in the corner and sit cross legged knitting away allowing the knitting gods to impress themselves upon you, no really, do it!  Kidding of course. But I will say that breeding the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn can be a spiritual business. I seem to have had a multi-week bad knitting joo-joo kind of experiences **looks to the yoga mat sitting idol in the corner and wonders**.

My Juliet got frogged last night because I had much higher hopes for the yarn that I chose than should have ever actually been there. Colinette or not, $25 hanks or not, the yarn was bad and that pattern got lost, and really had my cat thrown up on the thing it probably would have looked much improved. So I am now going on two days without a knitting project! I have yarn porn spread to the four corners of my house threatening to overtake the couch and beginning feeding from the dog bowl and still I sit uninspired. **looks over at stash waiting for something to happen** I did however hear a sweet lullaby kind of sound coming from one corner of the cabinet, a color inspired by fair skin and vibrant eyes, something made just for me, bought with purpose and ambition…I looked over my ravelry, my queue of 100 projects and none that entice me, except maybe, that one…no I could just cast on Juliet again in some malabrigo…it’s calling…I can’t deny it. It must be done. It’s another Rebecca pattern **gasp come from the knitting muse that sits on my shoulder** “didn’t you swear them off” she whispers, **I flick her from my shoulder and she lands safely in a vat of Elzabeth Llvold Silky Wool**. It must be done, it can’t be denyed, it’s so adorable. The weather is getting warmer and something like that would be brilliant. I believe I have bread it…I will cast on tomorrow and we will see….Come to Mama!


Sweater Woe’s

Sweater woe’s…we all have them…some of us are just lucky and get to experience that character building phenomena more than others. *turns head to the heavens nodding* Thank you great sweater gods!

I decided to buckle down and knit. I was going to get at least the front portion of the Garn Studio sweater off of my needles if it killed me. It had turned up significantly warmer down here so I had the intentions of finishing this part up, put it in a plastic bag, and setting it aside for a day when there was a crispness to the air again (go figure that’s today, but who’s counting?). My skein was in my knitting bag as I sat cross-legged on the couch knitting away while watching one of those corny Family Channel movies that are slightly reminiscent of Lifetime movies, only minus the crazy man trying to kill you. You may have seen the one with the chubby girl from Hairspray and Fran Drecher, I think it’s called Beautiful, or something cliche like that. Anyway, I’m sitting there all engulfed in the movie knowing that no matter what the girl is going to be true to herself, wear something heinous, and still place in the beauty contest (thank you family channel for warping reality, you are now responsible for some teenage chubster getting her heart broken in a beauty contest)…Anyway, I was knitting…I notice as I’m excitedly coming to a bindoff point (and the movie’s climax) that something feels very light from inside my bag, I look down and my ball is nearly gone. Oh dear. I have one skein left…183 yards to do two 3/4 sleeves and finish up the collar…not going to happen. Now I’m a faith knitter, you all know that…but really? So…I have to call the yarn shop…Oh…I’ll do that right now…I’m on hold…Yarnergency…AND THERE IS NONE LEFT!!!! It’s ok…I’ll make this work.

Anyway…my other exciting disaster is the accidental giant yamaka that I knitted. My friend and I have not been referring to this blunder in quite so politically correct terms, and I took a photo but it’s so sad that I’m ashamed to show it. I did the Koolhaus again, this time for me, in this beautiful Sapphire and Red kettle dyed. Apparently I got a little excited and forgot the last repeat. When I got done and attempted to plop it on my head it popped right off…that’s saying something…I have a small head. So…if you happen to know a largish man with the need for a cold weather yamaka, I have a rather lovely one for him. Several tears have been shed over it…I loved that yarn…

So…my new project is the Juliet. We’ll see how that goes. I’m using Colinette Prism so it’ll be interesting. Perhaps you’ll get some pictures once there’s more than an inch done and no disasters to speak of. So far so good.

I’ve been a terribly blogger…really I’ve been a terrible knitter. Knitting has been happening only I haven’t been committed to any one project, so nothing seems to get done…I did finish yet another Kool Haus today. I love that pattern…this hat I’ve yet to decide which part of the world it’s going to. It was initially for a friend of mine in Canada, but I may send it to Germany instead and do the same pattern…yes again…in a blue for my friend in Canada. It’s in autumn colors so I deemed the name “Falling for Canada” so for the purpose of the shots, it will remain that, until I decide to change the name “Falling for Germany” haha.

Project: Koolhaas, Holiday Interweave 2007
Yarn: Araucania Magallanes
Amount Used: .5 skeins
Color: Autumn Love
Needle Size: 8
Time: Too Long
Notes: “Falling for…fill in the blank with location” The color takes away from the pattern too much, but what have you.








Ok so here’s the Cabled Rangoli that I did forever ago too.

I wasn’t all about it, which is why I’ve neither worn it nor shared it. It’s done in Noro which is lovely in and of itself, but this hat doesn’t look that great on me. Sadly.





The boy’s sweater is done and he has worn it, but he refuses to let me snap a photo. So oh well. You got one of the sweater by itself, sadly that’s all you get.

I’ve been working also on 103-1 Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape by DROPS design. I’ve got the back and nearly both of the fronts done, however the weather is warming up significantly so I’ve been slow about it since I won’t be able to wear it until next year anyway. But here’s a sneak peak.

I’m going to make a modification to the collar if I have enough yarn, right now, as it usually is with me, that would be the ultimate question…do I have enough? Haha! I live on the edge!

 And yes, in February Stephanie and I went to Birmingham to the LYS’s there. My report, go to In the Making, hear the angel’s sing as you walk through the door, and go no further. In fact, if you can hide in one of the bins and just take up general residence there until someone notices. Here’s what I got.

I had to have multiple pictures of the Malabrigo, it makes me squee with joy.

 In the long run the most beautiful aqua Malabrigo that Stephanie bought ended up being for me for my birthday. Here it is. I’m not sure what I can do with two balls, but it’s going to be kickin’ when I figure it out.

That’s about all that I’ve been up to. I’ve cast on the Juliet, but I’m not sure if that yarn’s gonna cut it for the pattern, so I don’t care to share that quite yet.

Also if you like Indie Rock/Folk music you should check out Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Hat” it’s about knitting a hat, it’s awesome.

I got lost

Sorry about the space between my words. I got lost. Made a wrong turn. Now I’m back!

The Hero is basically done, I’ve been avoiding sewing in the zipper…that requires sewing, and well…yeah you get it. So here’s the photos I have while blocking. I swear I will get the zipper sewn in and take a photo of it actually on the Hero himself. I really like the way that it turned out. The yarn worked well, it’s a little shorter than I’d like but it’ll be ok.

dscf0752.jpg I’ll post the pattern details once it’s actually finished! LOL!

On my needles now? It’s the Garnstudio 103-1 Jacket that half the universe is doing…what? I’m a conformist! LOL! Only I’m doing my in Tahki Donagal  Tweed in an apple green and I couldn’t be happier with it. So far I have no photos taken but I will soon, I promise. I’m also intending to make a few minor alterations in the pattern…if I have enough yarn that is.

Speaking of yarn. My friend Stephanie is having a birthday next week and we’re going to Birmingham yarn shopping on Monday for her birthday. I’m so excited, it’s like my birthday early! Yay! I’ll take photos of our goodies when we get back.

I know that it’s lame, but really that’s all I have for you now. Nothing too exciting. I am in a house now (photos to come…again, yes.) and we’re really loving it here. That’s all I guess…

Bring in the Clowns

The Hero is nearly complete, the sleeves are growing, and I’m growing bored, I may need to cast one something new for my own sanity. My friend Stephanie wore a cabled rangoli hat that she knitted, I fell in love at first sight. This is not hers, hers is a beautiful green color. Anyway, I’m thinking of doing it with Noro Kureyon. I’m thinking it needs to be cast on tonight…

I’m not sure how the interview process really went. Now it’s the waiting game. So in the mean time, I’m catching up with knitting that I missed out on while I was studying.

Currently I’ve been obsessed over Bravo reality shows, I’m watching Paula Abdule being followed around by a camera crew. Why this interest me I’m not sure. Except for the fact that she’s really not got it together at all. Oh well, I’m being entertained at her expense, I think that means that I’m the one that’s not all together.

Word Ass…ociation

Since I’ve been re-exploring my inner wordsmith (or lack thereof) I found this on one of my fellow knitters from the local group’s website. You can take the word association here.

Dream big ::  Weimeriners
Competition :: Cheerleading
Torn ::  Paper
Modeling ::  Reality TV
Coaster ::  the image of a coaster floating on the ocean (no one said it had to make sense)
Slut ::  Purple Feathers (Pimp)
Spread ::  Butter
Amanda ::  NH Knitting Mama
Romance :: Satin and Chocolate
Paradise ::  Lost

Sweet Home Alabama…

Well, I know that I’ve been absentee for the last few weeks. I apologize. I am however finally here! Yes, I am in Alabama, my new home.

We’re living in the hotel and really, it’s not that bad. In fact, I’m getting quite spoiled. My dinner is cooked for me Monday-Thursday, my room is cleaned daily, the people are friendly and know me on first name basis. Jonathan’s work schedule is a bit of a pain, but we’ll get used to it, he goes in around 2:30 p.m. and gets home around 2:00-2:15 a.m.

As for me, I am already on the prowl for a job. We got here last Monday, and not without incident, but I’m so tired of talking about that that I just give up. Maybe I’ll have the energy later. Anyway I knew from Ravelry that the knitting group here met on Tuesdays, Tuesday we had spent the day unloading our truck and though I didn’t feel much like going anywhere, Jon was gonna be gone so why not? I went to the knitting group thanks to the help of my new friend Stephanie that I found on Ravelry. When I got there and we all started talking I found that Stephanie is a copy editor for the local paper, The Montgomery Advertiser. Before I really knew what was happening she had my resume and I had an interview with the editor of the paper set for tomorrow, Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. The interview itself doesn’t really make me nervous, however the fact that I have to take a spelling and AP style test first thing when I get there makes me want to throw up! I’ve been studying but I’m not really feeling any better about it. The tests that I’ve been taking online are so unnerving.  I really hope that the one that I take for them is not half of what these have been. Either way I know that this refresher is good for me, but it still is succeeding in making me feel completely retarded.

As for knitting I have completed the front of the Hero Pullover and I am well onto the sleeves. I’m hoping to get it done in the next week, I’m ready to move on to something new, even though I haven’t be consistently doing this for a long time, I feel like it has been on my needles for a long time.