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Boobless in Blood

Wow that sounds like a graphic and scary title.

Boobless would be more or less the project that I’ve been working on. It’s called the Boobholder, only I have no boobs so to speak so on ravelry I called it “If I Had Boobs.” I am pleased overall with how it came out. There is an odd place where there is pulling in the photos, this is where I put an extra snap to secure the fabric, however after seeing the photos I saw that this was both unattractive and unnecessary.

So it doesn’t do that anymore. I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton and I believe that I’m in love. It was a pure dream to work with and the stitch definition is beyond beautiful. I have enough left that I’m going to make fingerless mitts to match and put matching buttons on the side, I’m super excited. I may not start that until later in the year, there will be little need for now, but I do love the way that the sweater turned out.

For now I am back to working on Juliet…I think anyway. Who knows what will be my way soon.

As for the blood, I have finished all three of the Twilight Saga’s thus far, and I am beside myself for Breaking Dawn to come out in about two weeks. I love these books so much. I would however like to say to those of you who are “Team Jacob” that there should not be a team Jacob, that you are all dillusional. No offense of course but I am Coven all the way. Jacob doesn’t, nor should he have a shot in Hell. Just IMO! Haha, can you tell that I feel quite passionately about this? Some of my personal friends are split too and I tell them jus the same thing. However, I suppose if Bella wants Jacob I’d be more than happy to take Edward off of her hands, no questions asked! Hahahahaha!

Ok, enough of that, those of you who haven’t dealved into that realm of geekdom are now going to be both bored and worried about my mental well being. I’m fine, really!


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Little Obsessions

I have been knitting, some of my projects right now are a secret so I’m not sharing much…sorry kids.

However, one of the greatest reasons for my silence is my new book obsession. I have just been introduced to my new favorite series. These are the Twilight Saga’s by Stephenie Meyer. I am in love! With a vampire none the less. I am through Twilight and New Moon and just started Eclipes this morning, the new book Breaking Dawn comes out August 4th and I am completely beside myself. I believe the fourth to be the last book from Bella’s perspective. I crave to read however I will be desperately sad when it is all over, and much more so than I have been for any other series. I am obsessive. I know it’s silly for a grown woman to feel this way, but it’s true, I can’t deny it. Secretly, or not so secretly anymore, I long to be bitten!

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I must begin by sharing that I was going to imbed the video for “Spin Me Round” but it scared me a little and I didn’t want to shoo you away! So…go youtube it and thank me later!


Project: Pinwheel Baby Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Organic Cotton
Amount Used: 7 balls

Color: Green, Brown, Baby Blue
Needle Size: 10
Time: One week and one hour

Notes: Very fun knit, quick. Great for time mgt.

Knit on!

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