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I have finally finished another project!

I suppose that this is the part that I’m expected to apologize yet again for my absence in writing, but quite frankly no one wants to read: “Dear Blog, I knitted two rounds today, sorry you can’t tell that I’ve made any progress. The end.” So I’m going to skip that garbage and just say, I’ll update you to new movements. I’m moving newly, so here I am.

The Rebecca sweater is FINISHED!


Project: Cropped Sweater, Rebecca Magazine
Yarn: Elzabeth Llavold Cotton Patine
Amount Used: 6.75 Balls

Color: Maroon
Needle Size: 6
Time: Two Months

Notes: This is a highly altered version of the pattern. I made it to fit how I thought it would best stuite me, now that I’m wearing it there are a few other minor changes that I would make, but I still love love love it!

So as I sat on my couch for seemingly hours soaking up the seasons of Sex and the City as if they were the meat and potatoes of my life seaming my sweater when it was finally over I did that thing that I firmly believe that all good knitters do at the end of a big project:
1. I held it up and looked at it proudly.
2. Threw it and the needles back in my lap.
3. Sighed a HUGE sigh of relief.
4. Leaned my head against the back of the couch soaking up the previous moments.
5. Sat up jarred and proclaimed loudly “What’s next?!”

The answer was looming over my head, it had been for months, five months to be exact. Though I walked into the other room, printed off the Juliet pattern and wound three hanks of Malabrigo and begin casting on, I knew that I was cheating…again…
The husband caught me and scolded me. I had promised to knit a baby blanket for someone that i didn’t know. They are paying me of course, but still, the idea of a knit baby blanket sort of seemed to dig at my core. After a day on ravelry and hours walking around AC Moore I saddled up, bought the organic cotton yarn and cast on. In less than a week I am nearly done with the blanket that I thought was going to be hell. And I’m loving it! If the parents don’t like it I’ll keep it! It’s groovy! It’s perfect! I choose the pinwheel pattern and was inspired by a blanket that resembled a beach umbrella and then I just used some colors that were fitting for a growing baby boy. Here’s what I’ve got!

I’m thinking that in the end it’ll be about three and half feet in diameter. It seems to be a fairly good size for a baby. Three strips in the green and three in the brown since three is the perfect number. I think it’s so cute and I should be done and sighing on my couch in the next few days…if work doesn’t kill me first that is.

Side note, I got a job as a barista at Starbucks, not glamerous, but challanging enough, and I’m to be put on management track, so I’m not horrified. Anyway, they seem to like to suddenly schedule me for a lot of 5am shifts! Hooray! Because I love mornings (um…yeah…no)! Oh well, guess I’ll learn!

Anyway, that’s not what this is about. Until the next sigh of relief…knit on!


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