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I got lost

Sorry about the space between my words. I got lost. Made a wrong turn. Now I’m back!

The Hero is basically done, I’ve been avoiding sewing in the zipper…that requires sewing, and well…yeah you get it. So here’s the photos I have while blocking. I swear I will get the zipper sewn in and take a photo of it actually on the Hero himself. I really like the way that it turned out. The yarn worked well, it’s a little shorter than I’d like but it’ll be ok.

dscf0752.jpg I’ll post the pattern details once it’s actually finished! LOL!

On my needles now? It’s the Garnstudio 103-1 Jacket that half the universe is doing…what? I’m a conformist! LOL! Only I’m doing my in Tahki DonagalĀ  Tweed in an apple green and I couldn’t be happier with it. So far I have no photos taken but I will soon, I promise. I’m also intending to make a few minor alterations in the pattern…if I have enough yarn that is.

Speaking of yarn. My friend Stephanie is having a birthday next week and we’re going to Birmingham yarn shopping on Monday for her birthday. I’m so excited, it’s like my birthday early! Yay! I’ll take photos of our goodies when we get back.

I know that it’s lame, but really that’s all I have for you now. Nothing too exciting. I am in a house now (photos to come…again, yes.) and we’re really loving it here. That’s all I guess…


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