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The Trifles of Trending

Because I am used to living a year in the future, knowing what’s coming in trends, what’s leaving and what is simply a short lived fad that will be pushed hard and then shoved into a dusty corner where all short lived trends go only to make a burst of cash for a designer and a trend bust for the “investor,” because I’m used to knowing, I can’t stop. I must know. It directly effects my buying habits, and my knitting habits in a rather extreme way. And I suppose that it is just a little unfair that you don’t know what I do. So, because I’m used to living in the future and I’m no longer in that position, I still found it necessary to do some of my own research. After-all, 2007 is winding down, you’re knitting for next year, don’t you want to be able to wear it? Here’s the trending for 2008-2009 in short.

Winter 2007/2008
Muted tones with single splashes of bright color. Heavy grays, steel tones with deep purples and blues. Women’s colors are masculine, while men’s colors are more feminine. Blue is the new green, but in muted tones of blue mixed with other colors. Though green is still seen it is in less intensity as before. Pink has changed into deep wine tones and subtle mauve.
Spring/Summer 2008
Colors for spring of 2008 are fun and flirty though watered down, when summer comes around the colors will be more intensified though keep the same basic pallet. Again blue is taking the place of green and purples will remain popular in washed out eggplant and violet, and coral will make a brief reappearance to be accessorized, not to be taken seriously. Don’t forget to be a bit peachy this spring and summer as both warm and cool tones of peach will attempt to make a resurgence.

Fashion Trends:
Winter 2007/2008


Pick up your needles!

In flamboyant and russet tones. In intense cool shades to team with uniform chic or jeans wear. In thick yarns, 100% wool or blends with acrylic, mohair or cashmere. Chiné, two-tone mouliné, tone-on-tone tweed yarns. Giant stitches, XXL Aran knits, placed cable, garter stitch, moss stitch, full cardigan rib.” – Intre Selection

Good news knitters! Cast on that chunky stuff cause it is HOT! Play with masculine fibers, uneven knits and heavy patterns (Not the giant fair isle, because that stuff is not staying). Have the mind of a rebel, knit in washed out tones with dinge in mind (kettle dyed is great for this).

Spring/Summer 2008
This will be the year of the ultimate throw back. Flowy and slightly over-sized, hats are a MUST have as fashions will lean towards mid to post-WWII era. Defined waist lines for women with flowing fabric above and below, work jackets and slacks for men with muted plaids and rolled up long sleeved solids. Even children’s wear will be very era driven. Nearly everything in patterns as a celebration to the end of the war, with offset colored solids beneath. Luckily we are in keeping with modesty for the most part for the seasons. Stock up on sear-suckers they too are a must have. As summer wears on, over-sized and super layered is the way to go with flat functional shoes and brightly colored over the top accessories. Men will also be feeling 50s Rockabilly while both sexes play around with imperfect fabrics towards the end of the season bringing them into fall/winter 2008 (this is too soon to tell for sure however). Lace knit cardis light in feeling and bright in color seem the way to go.

And that’s all I have for trending this season, check back with me throughout the coming seasons for updates.

In knitting news I have finished the back of the hero pullover and last night I cast on the Koolhaas by Jered Flood in the Interweave Holiday issue for my brother-in-law Michael. Though it is shown on a woman in the catalog it was designed initially for a man and I’m having to alter my needle size a bit to make it seem like it will actually fit a large noggin. I’m making Michael’s in a Tahki Donegal dark green tweed and I’m very excited. Hopefully I’ll have photos available shortly!

Until then, happy trendknitting!


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Because I Deserved It!

If ever I deserved a present it was yesterday.

Yesterday morning I got up and immediately set to work moving all of the furniture out of my tiny apartment living room into the kitchen. I then went to the local hardware store…you know, like the ones that use to be everywhere but aren’t any more. The hardware stores with the little old man in flannel behind the counter, the ones that smell like a mixture of metalic leftovers from freshly cut screws and stale gumballs, that kind of hardware store. Anyway, I went to the hardware store and rented The Rug Doctor came home and set to work shampooing all of my carpets in my whole apartment…move furiture, vaccum and repeat. My carpets are now cleaner than they were when Jon and I moved in! Hooray! As a result of some disgusting kitty habit discoveries my cats have had their private two room bath facilities moved into our bathroom and the dog now has a much larger play area for when we aren’t home. She’s happy but I’m having to keep an eye on our more opinionated of the two cats, she’s not much for change. By mid-afternoon I was exhausted, I had ripped a hole in my jeans and my hair was in knots, I took a break to walk to the mailbox and I discovered my favorite, a peach card saying that I had a package that could be picked up immediately!

My last SP11 gift, and boy was it ever awesome!



It only stayed pretty and in-tact for a minute before I tore into it like a hungry child on Christmas.  I was so excited that I couldn’t stop until all of the paper was on the floor around me and the boxes were torn open, I paused to look around me and went into a wool induced comma for about an hour and came out of it just to me equally as excited all over again. Thank you so much Bridget, you’re the best most considerate SPer ever! She included things that would make me feel more at home in a hotel since that is where I will be living for a month very shortly. No bake cheesecake, and those moist chocolate bowls (which I must admit that it is one less, I had to eat one last night…I needed it…I deserved it!) She gave me Christmas scented potpouri to cover up the “hotel smell,” Paton’s Mercerized Cotton with a little book of knitting snowflakes since I will be without my favorite part of winter down in Alabama! How sweet is that? She sent me so many wonderful goodies, I can’t get over it all, even her own hand-painted in Long Island Iced Tea and Sunrise. If you like these you’ll love her etsy site…my personal etsy favorite is the tea ;). I can’t gush enough! Yayayayayaya!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I have to send out my last SP11 gift later this week…hm…


Lastly we have progress on the Hero Pullover! Terrible picture, hooray for 3×1 ribbing, I’m halfway to the arm holes! yippy!

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Sweatshop Knits

I’ve been knitting as if my life depended on it, I can’t quite get over how fast I’ve been busting stuff out. I’m already done with the Belle Cardigan from the Fall Interweave. I’m so excited at how it turned out…here she is:


Project: Belle Cardigan, Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool Fusion

Amount Used: 3.75

Color: Ice Blue

Needle Size: 19, 17

Time: 1 week

 Notes: Err on the side of smaller, if you’re hipless like myself cast on fewer beginning stitches and follow the pattern from there, it’s a tiny bit poofier at the bottom flare than I’d like, but overall I’m in love with this sweater, I wore it today actually!


After a big yarn debacle I have purchased some Bella Rae Classic for my husband’s Hero Sweater from the Fall KnitScene that I’ll be casting on during Ugly Betty tonight! I’m also really excited about this pattern. This is the new colorway that I’ll be using.

On another note tis the season for giving, my BFF Faith has taken it upon herself to start a knitting club for middle schoolers at her school. Let us all bow to her patience and greater virtue. Now…her school is considered a low income school and they can’t afford supplies for the kids and the kids parents can’t afford supplies either. She is begging on her blog for anyone that can aid and send supplies to her and her knitting club. Please if you can give any kind of donations contact her on her blog, she has posted her information. If nothing else just give her some encouraging words, can you imagine how great knitting is for a bunch of seventh graders? I spoke to her on the phone the other day and laughed that she was keeping kids off the streets one stitch at the time…don’t you want to keep the kids off the streets?


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Vianne’s Traveling Shawl is complete! However, when it was done it seemed pretty large, when I blocked it, it grew (duh) so I didn’t think it would matter much if for the last few seconds when it was nearly dry that I threw it in the dryer on Med. Heat. Yeah…it mattered. In five minutes the beautiful Malabrigo nearly all felted! It doesn’t have that same wonderful hand that it did, and up close it looks like I’ve had it for years, but from a distance it’s still very pretty. Here are my photos from my disaster and shoot.


Project: Vianne’s Traveling Cloak (Rebecca Shawl)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Amount Used: 3 hanks
Color: Pagoda
Needle Size: US 11
Date Started: October 29, 2007
Date Finished: November 8, 2007
Notes: Err on the side of smaller needles

I have also begun the Bella Cardigan from the Fall Interweave 2007.  I am using Rowan Big Wool Fusion instead of the Twinkle yarn. It’s going very fast so I’m excited but apprehensive about my next project since I’ve been stash busting and I’m running out of workable stash to bust!

I was really unsure about this colorway for this at first but now that I’ve worked some of it up, I really like it, it’s very ice princess!

The photo I leave you with is what happens when I try to knit at my house:



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Cardigan Delima

I think that I have a problem…

I have decided that I must knit fervently  in order to keep myself warm over the next few weeks. It seems that all of my cold weather clothes are packed away in some box in our storage unit to be unearthed when we make our move. However, I looked through my ravelry queue and realized that everything in it is a cardigan apart from one pullover that is made to be worn over something else. I think that I have a cardigan problem. I am seeking patterns for pullovers that I can’t live without! Help me!!! I think that I decided that I like cardigans because I can switch them up so often with what I choose to wear under them, it makes them always different. My winter attire (in the boxes) mostly consist of cardigans, jackets, etc. and the basics that go under them. Why is this? If you know of a great pullover, I really would like to make it, let me know, let me fall in love too!

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Apparently my camera has adapted to its owner and refuses to work using cheap-o batteries. I was determined to get a final photo of the Wisp and when I put the new cheap batteries in and hit the photo button the camera would turn off. After all of that and buying better batteries, the boy took one of the world’s worst photos of me and his own thumb, so my face had to be cropped. I wouldn’t want to scare my readers. This, among all of the other terrible photos he’s haphazardly taken of me, I have decided to take all of the rest of my photos using the timer. We’ll see if those turn out better.

First we have the completed project that will be on its way to China as of Monday.

Project: Wisp-ers to China

Yarn: Queensland Collection Soft Comfort Mohair

Amount Used: 2.5 (25g Balls)
Color: Variegated Mist Green/Blue/Winter White

Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: October 19, 2007
Date Finished: November 1, 2007

Notes:  I have not been able to find a place that sells this particular yarn any more, I have 5.5 balls left and would be willing to sell or trade what I have left. Please let me know if you are interested. It is a very nice yarn and I bought it for a different project that I am no longer interested in doing.


Friday morning I went in to work and was greeted with a chorus of “Oh good, you’re here.” I’m here every morning, where else would I be? I shook my head in the doorway where she couldn’t see me. I walked into her office to see this re-occurring stack of files and papers sitting on her couch, and all over the coffee table. She hands them all to me and sent me to the kitchen to “make sense out of them” which is pretty much what I do nearly every day, make sense of the mess. After we get to the kitchen and we have the same conversation about our preference of natural lighting from the glass doors over the overhead lighting that we have every morning, she left me. As I begin sorting with bated breath, having faith that there would be something there that I hadn’t already done, I officially decided that there are gremlins that come out at night in her office for the sole purpose of tormenting me. There in the pile were files that I’ve put in filing cabinets at least three times, papers that have been missing for a week, papers that were in a file a few days ago and have magically made their way out of their file and back in this stack, and the same papers that I’ve thrown in recycling at least fifteen times. After I leave she has admitted to going through my trash and pulling out what she thinks may be useful (there is a reason that it is in the trash), she is an adamant recycler, and that’s fine, but leave it in the recycling bin. I calmly stacked all of the trash…again…pushed my chair in and went into her office proclaiming that it was indeed trash and if it showed up again I would cry, and then I winked to keep what I was saying light after I realized what had actually escaped my lips!


I’m trying to watch football and write at the same time. I’m not sure that anything that I’ve said has made much sense, my sentences keep getting interrupted by an intermittent “GO HOGS!” So I will leave this for now to the…well…the Hogs!

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My Labrynth

I currently work for a woman with the early onset of Alzheimer’s, her short term memory is what has left her. I am her assistant, if you will, some days it is hard to feel like much of an assistant because I end up doing the same thing that I did two days ago all over again because she’s undone it and forgotten that it was done in the first place. I am told the same stories and I smile as if it is the first time that I’ve heard them, I answer the same questions and I watch as the train of thought derails. This leaves the problems of today for the next day when I remind her that we never found what she was looking for to begin with. She tells me that I have the patience of a god, when inside I am unraveling and wondering how I got here to begin with.

A few days ago something came up about this blog, about me knitting. She told me that she learned to knit once, completely utilitarian, I could almost feel the acrylic in my hands, my teeth clenched, the smell of fire engine Red Heart burned my nostrils just thinking about it. Oh? I smiled through grinding incisors. This followed a flow of words that sounded something like pot holders and dish rags. Not that there’s anything wrong with pot holders and dish rags, they have their place in this world, just not on my needles. They’re so…utilitarian, NOT fun.

Speaking of the non-utilitarian me…I have nearly finished the Wisp. It would have been done had I not dropped the one sewing needle that I had down into the crack of doom in my arm chair never to return. I did make my way to the corner store today and bought some new needles and the Wisp should be finished tomorrow. Here are some updated photos post-blocking and of the adorable buttons that I have chosen. They are genuine vintage square buttons and I have decided to sew the buttons into place holding the two ends together so that the buttons, following my theme are not utilitarian at all.

I have also begun on a project that I’m calling Vianne’s Traveling Cloak, it is in-fact the Rebecca Shawl pattern that none of us can recall the name of. The updated chart was posted online so in actuality it is a free pattern. I am using the Malabrigo colorway Pagoda that I purchased in Maine back in the summer. If you have ever seen Chocolat, Vianne is called by the North Wind to move like a nomad from place to place. Every time she was to move she and her child wore red traveling cloaks, as did all of those who traveled before her. I feel very much like Vianne, and this seemed most appropriate for the time. My mother also shared with me that traditionally those who sold at the market place would wear a red shawl so that they were easily noticeable. I believe that Vianne’s Shawl is appropriate also in that way as it will accompany me on my first day as a shop owner some time in the future.


Trick-or-Treat, I got a squishy package in the mail today…squishy packages are my favorite! Inside was the cuttest every Halloween SP poem, two packs of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate, a really pretty glass leaf embellishment, and two skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in a delightful taupe colorway (SP I was actually admiring that color on a pattern on Ravelry last night…you’re good!). That was my treat…the tale of the headless sheep was my trickI wandered into my bedroom and found my tape measure that once looked like a sheep with a missing head…My sweet Rory has been attempting to run off with the tape measure since I got it, apparently the fleece exterior means that it’s a toy and it belong to her. Today the head appeared! I believe that after a bit of sedation and a number of sutchers the sheep may be back to normal…well, as normal as any nearly headless sheep can be…he will be renamed Nick after Harry Potter’s Nearly Headless Nick, as long as he doesn’t haunt me, we’ll be ok.


Lastly, I took a Greek Mythology test…here are my results: Note I’m not arguing!

66% Extroversion, 20% Intuition, 100% Emotiveness, 57% Perceptiveness

You are Pan. You’re an extremely creative and fun-loving individual. You have a predisposition to acting and performing, and you enjoy it. You’re very outgoing, and you are genuinely interested in other people. You probably have a pet parakeet, play an instrument, write poetry, tell jokes, love parties, have lots of friends, remember people, names and faces, paint, and have a righteous social conscious.

You’re very good natured, but can be naive and exploited by less good natured people. You’re mischevious, but in a usually harmless way. You don’t have much use for structure and routine, and your appetite for sensation and immediate gratification can cloud your judgement regarding the future consequences of your actions. You like to improvise more than you like to plan.

You look on the bright side of life. Even though you’re highly optimistic, you can be predisposed to bouts of angst when presented with negative possibilities or outcomes. In combating dire circumstances, you can become dismissive and resort to over-simplifications of the situation. Although most people love to be around you, the more analytical types (Atlas, The Oracle, Prometheus, and Hermes) will take issue with what they perceive to be your lack of foresight. The main drawback to this is that they will become rigid and stubborn in conflict, and you will take this personally, becoming stubborn and inflexible yourself.

Regardless, you have a capacity for connection with other people that is unheard of in the other personality types. Your main strenghts are your flexibility and artistic and sympathetic abilities.

Famous people like you: Franz Joseph Haydn, Dr. Suess, Bill Cosby, Sandra Bullock, Oscar Wilde Similar Personality Types: Orpheus, Aphrodite, Dionysus
Stay clear of: Atlas, Hermes, Prometheus, The Oracle

The Greek Mythology Personality Test

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