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Frogs and Snails…

I’m going to attempt to remember all of my orders of business here. We’ll start with my trip to the frog pond with the South Seas Table Runner from Knit Two Together. The pattern was boring me to tears, there’s a difference in a pattern that is really easy but it fun to watch falling off the ends of your needles as it becomes something fabulous, and something both boring and seemingly useless. So I needed the needles that it was on and I like the flax that I was using but it seemed like a waste for that, so to the frog pond it went…I am feeling better about my UFO’s now, they’re slightly more manageable.

As for FO’s I’ve got my first ever baby object…or as I have been referring to them lately, spawns. I initially made this because the boy asked me to for a girl that works for him, then decided that it’s probably not a completely wise idea to give one thing away due to the demand that will be expected for me to make other things. Anyway…I have a bonnet for a baby girl should I need it from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, it was very  quick and adorable.

 I’ve also been working like mad on the Wisp-ers to China. I thought that it wouldn’t need to be in China until next month, but it turns out that Lacie’s birthday was last week! Woops! So I only have about three repeats left and I’m done. Here is its progress, I’ll have finished photos hopefully within the next few days.

Death of the Yarn Shop yielded me its goodies and I now have 6 balls of Rowan Big Wool in color way 20 for a lap blanket, and two balls of this beautiful stuff…that I have no idea what I’m going to do with, but I love it none the less. It’s very unexpected. This photo isn’t great, but hopefully I’ll be able to showcase it in something fun very soon.


The new Interweave Knits Winter preview is now available. And I balk at change. The models that we all know and love from the rest of the year are gone and there are new models. One of them looks oddly familiar, I think she’s the Russian gal from So You Think You Can Dance as strange as that sounds. I’m also not overwhelmed by any of the patterns. There’s really only about one or two that I’d consider doing…I went to the Interweave site to look at the Holiday edition again, but I sort of doubt that I’ll buy either.


I’m irritated, I’m going to knit something…


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Etsy Live

I took the time today and I finally have my Etsy site LIVE by popular demand. I am very very excited. I will keep a permanent link on the side bar so that you can find my site without any troubles. But for your buying pleasure come to The Hobbit Hole. I am really glad that I’ve finally got this done, now just to see if it’s worth it. Everything in my store is of couse cheaper than what I sell it for in the gallery here on the island for the main reason that I get the nearly fully profit where was at the shop I only get 50%. I hope to keep making things and getting them posted, I’m just balancing Holiday knitting and this, so we’ll see how business is.

Let me know any questions, comments or general feedback that you may have about my shop.

On a non-sellers note: I got in a Lion Brand catalog yesterday *gasp* they sent it to me after downloading the scarf pattern that I used for the boy’s scarf. Anyway it’s surprisingly interesting, they’re really attempting to sell themselves as a higher end yarn than I care to think of them as. But, as I meantioned once before their organic cotton is really not too shabby, I hope to use it at some point.

Anyway, it’s a quiet day, so Etsy is all I have.

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Death of a Yarn Shop

Everyone clap your hands and repeat after me:
“I do believe in yarn shops…I do believe in yarn shops…”  Keep clapping! Clap louder!!!

*sigh* Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work quite like it does with faeries. Back in Conway, Arkansas, Bella Lana  (the LYS) is closing it’s doors. Margie ran a great business and her shop was adorable, it was 2nd on my list of favorite yarn shops, only second to my LYS Hand Held Knitting in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Every time a yarn shop dies it leaves a small void in the knitting world. However, due to its closing of the doors there was of course a SALE, so away I sent my mother (ok, so not really, she was going anyway) to do my bidding for me. I seem to have blundered however and because I wasn’t near my computer or my stash when I was forced into a decision I am ending up with 6 balls of Big Wool Color: 20 that I already have 4 balls of! So…I see a lap blanket in my future…She’s sending me some other stuff too that I’ll have photos for once it arrives.

ANYWAY in light of this spending spree and reflection of my past spending sprees I am destashing:
Filatura Di Crosa Rustic
Colorway: 5006
Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)

Thread Cobweb / 1 ply Lace / 2 ply Light Fingering / 3 ply Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi) Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi) Super Bulky (5-6 wpi)

Meters Yards Ounces Grams

= 500 grams / 820.0 yards
(The above was obviously copied from my ravelry hehe)


If you are interested in purchasing the whole bag (10 balls) or would like to purchase the yarn each ball separately please shoot me a note either on here or ravelry with your offer. Note: this sells retails for $8.00 a ball. I’m just sort of throwing this out there if anyone is interested.

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A Change of Needles

I have finished the boy’s scarf, we got it blocked and it looks so much better now that it’s been blocked, I was beginning to wonder about the joint efforts of sabotage between the first attempt to cable and the yarn that I used. Though the photo doesn’t show you the cabling it gives you a inkling of what it looks like.

Project: Learn to Cable Scarf
Yarn: Maggi’s Irish Wool Slub
Amount Used: 2 Balls
Color: Green
Needle Size: US 10
Date Started: October 2007
Date Finished: October 2007

As it is every time at the end of a project, as timeless and tradition ridden as the changing of the guards, it is, the changing of the needles. Though I have finished one Heart on my Sleeve glove, I have begun the Wisp from the Summer Knitty for one of my girlfriends that just moved to China for work. Her birthday is coming up next month. I’m calling this project on my ravelry Wisp-ers to China. This pattern is so beyond easy, I’m using up some stash yarn that I originally bought for a different project and have decided that I don’t really want to do them. LOL! It happens! I feel  like I’ve been doing some beginners knitting lately so my next project has got to be a little more challenging.

Regardless of the challange level, I am pleased so far with how this is turning out, I just hope that she loves it and it keeps her happy and hugged in China.

I guess that I have an outstanding question that everyone keeps asking me and I’ve failed to answer. I still don’t know if we’re moving, well rather, when we’re moving. We are not happy here and regardless are planning to move at some point, where is really the question. The Boy talked to some people down in Alabama earlier today and they still seem very positive, the HR guy that we hated either got fired or left, we’re not sure which, either way, that seems to be the cause of a hold up. It’s really giving us the chance to get our crap together and get our heads on straight about some things regardless. So…another words…we have no idea, still. You guys know about as much as we do ;)!

The last photo I have is one that Jonathan took on the beach today while we were photographing his scarf.

Happy weekend all!

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Picture This



This is all that I have to say today…

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Monday Monday…

I’m not feeling all that well today so this post will be very brief. I have finished the change purse for my boss and we have discovered to “the boy’s” amusement that I am not, in any way, a seamstress. Basically I need to stick to knitting and leave the sewing to anyone other than me.

I am still working on Jonathan’s scarf but the nobs make me need to switch back and forth so I’ve started a pair of fingerless mitts that I’m calling Heart on my Sleeve Fingerless Gloves. I’ve modified a lace heart patter and I’m running them up the arm of the gloves. I started them for myself but I’m not loving them so I think I’m gonna sell them at our shop if I can, there will be plenty left of this yummy yarn to make myself a pair with a different pattern. I’m determind to finish Jonathan’s sweater first though.

Friday night we had a date night and we went to see Across the Universe which I have been dying to see since I first saw the preview back in the spring. Pretty much everyone else in the movie theatre hated it, except for us. I think that we tend to look at things and appreciate things differently than most people. I have a great appreciation for music and the story that it tells, you can’t follow a song’s story, then I could see how you would be very lost in this film. There were some odd parts that could have been left out or elaborated on, but for the most part I LOVED the film. I do plan on buying both the soundtrack and the film once it’s out on DVD. So…If you enjoy musicals and have an appreciation for the era of the 1960’s then this film may be for you.

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Autumn Morning

Today has brought with it the first real Autumn morning. There is just the tiniest bite in the air, a cool rushing breeze, and I am wearing my new sweater, and a smile. I do love this kind of weather, the kind accompanied by the scent of pumpkin pie (even faux pumpkin pie), distant fires, and the taste of something crisp carried on the breeze, the time of year that the leaves are beginning to think of turning, but have yet to make up their mind. I love the cool outside and cuddling beneath my grandmother’s blanket with a cup of hot cider and my knitting on my lap.  I love the fall.

On the note of knitting, I have begun a brief and unexpected project. Though the scarf is going well my hands need a break from the nobs and cables so I’m using my Stitchionary and some left over soy fiber to make a little change purse for my boss for getting me this book (in essence anyway). I’ll likely get it finished up tonight and line it either this evening or tomorrow. 

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