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A Bewitching Time of Year


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The Yarn Miracle

As you all know I have been working on the minimalist cardigan. I have now finished the right front and I’m about half done with the left front. None of this is the point, when I started this pattern I thought (or for the purpose of this story, I was) one ball short of the amount that I needed. My intentions were to start both sleeves at once from the top down and get as far as I could. However a few days ago I went to my “spare room” to find that my yarn disaster had been turned upside down and was all over the floor. I threw everything back in the baskets and left. Yesterday when it was time to tie on a new ball to my shock one extra ball of yarn had appeared! I have the right number of balls of yarn to complete my sweater without any alterations!

Praise the Lord a yarn miracle!

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Pick Me! Pick Me!

One of the articles on the freelance site that I’m using was regarding the resurgence in knitting in the 21st century….It rolls off in the next weeks…Pick Me! Pick Me!

See my article here!

I’m not rated first by my peers yet, but I could still be picked for the featured article. Also the person currently in first doesn’t even knit!

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The Pursuite of Happiness

Note: The content of this post is 10% knitting, 90% other.

Well, I’m back…sort of…I’ve been back for a few days. Montgomery was very nice, we are currently playing the waiting game to see what the company down there says, and make some decisions from here. In short I was made to be more honest with myself than I’ve been in a long while, and honesty has brought me to the point of breaking down the barriers of complacency and facing that I am unhappy. Not simply unhappy where I am in being but where I am in life, I am not doing what I want to be doing nor what is best for me to be doing. I want to be writing…it’s who I am. Few professions can also be classified as personalities, but a writer can. I haven’t been a writer in a while, therefore I have lost myself to business that doesn’t make me complete. I am now on the quest to get all of that back. I have begun some freelance projects to help get me some by lines and get me back where I need to be for a quality job search when the move (no matter where it is) happens.

I’m rearranging my life, and I’ve already rearranged my “dinning area” to be more friendly to sit and type. I’m happy with it. I am on a quest to rid my life of everything that doesn’t make me happy (that I can control). Unfortunately I am limited in my abilities, and my wand seems to be broken, so for now the apartment stays.

For the bad news…the ONE shop in Montgomery has CLOSED *gasp*! I emailed someone in a local knitting ring down there and asked where they bought yarn and she said Hobby Lobby and some other craft store *double gasp*. The snob in me turned her nose up and marched the other direction, the entrepreneur in me decided that it may be the future site of Covered In Yarn the shop!

I have finished the back of the minimalist cardigan and thus far I am excited about it, the color, yarn and pattern all showcase themselves as they should. Oh…and….drum roll please….I got a Ravelry invite! I’m so excited I could wet myself! I won’t, but I really was that excited! I’m going to display some self control and work on my freelance work today instead…but Ravelry is calling my name….don’t you hear it?

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Your Turn Blog Land

I’m off to Montgomery, AL today to see if perhaps I may want to relocate there. I’ve been searching blog land for Montgomery knitters, but since I hadn’t begun looking for a lifeline through blogs until this morning, I am turning up a little more empty handed than I’d like.

If you are from Montgomery, been to Montgomery, or know someone from Montgomery please contact me. Let me know the ways of the world down there. I have in my trusty notebook a list of apartments to check out as well as the LYS (the most important thing). I thought that I may start there to see where the good and bad places to live are so that I don’t wander into unwanted territory. Montgomery is a big place it seems and I don’t know that I’ll see all that I need to see in one day, but I’m going to try…but your help would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks blog readers!

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Naked Knitting

I’m watching the Naked Chef on BBC America, if you’ve never watched it, it’s great. But his premise is that he strips cooking down to the bare essentials and calls it naked cooking. I think that sometimes that’s the way that I knit. There’s no sense in making things harder than they need to be, hence me swearing off Rebecca for the 3rd time. I think I’m serious this time…the new preview just came out…I just checked…Luckily this time my looking through the preview is making me utter the words “Crazy Germans” they I believe are trying to be “alternative” they put a LOT of strips and plaids together, and fashion is enough a part of me that it sort of made me twitch a little…Click the photo to see for yourself…not to mention that the patterns seem to be mostly pulled from a pattern book from the 80s or early 90s, and I can get those back issues for a dollar, thanks, but no thanks. So really, I’m done with Rebecca…even though I have a whole sweaters worth of Louisa Harding cotton for a pattern in there, I can always use it on something else. I’m done…GET BEHIND ME REBECCA!!!

Enough of that type of babbling and onto the good stuff. My projects, I am still busy with wire, I’m selling them about as fast as I can make them, but I was ready to pick up actual yarn again. So here she is, I am working on the minimalist cardigan from the new Interweave. Because I rarely use the yarn called for and I am becoming quite good at substitutions I am using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, which believe it or not does gauge out perfectly. And as you well know, and if you don’t you should, alpaca silk is like knitting with clouds!

I also want to share my mother’s method of keeping her yarn ball from running away and getting tangled in a bag. Since she refuses to start a knitting blog here’s what she does, it’s much cheaper and just as reliable as purchasing a bag with the little grommets in the end. Yes, that is a ziplock baggie with a hole cut in the corner. Just thread the yarn through the hole and the slickness of the baggie makes the ball easily turned for tangle free knitting. She also, when knitting at home, puts her ball in a soup cup, especially when knitting with multiple colors. I had to share because I have since adopted this method and have never been more pleased with the lack of untangling necessary, especially with this Debbie Bliss that likes to unravel all over the place.

Also last weekend I made it to Michael’s with my BFF Faith, who is now quickly becoming a knitting addict like the rest of us. I’m trying to convince her to start a knitting blog too, when she does you must all welcome her to the knitting world ;)! Anyway, I picked up the size 19 and 17 circulars that no one ever wants to work with for another pattern in Interweave using Big Wool! I also got the chance to look at the new organic Lion Brand and some of their sustainable yarns using Bamboo blends, Soy, etc. I am actually really impressed. The organic cotton was easily comparable to Blue Sky I am shocked to say, because I love Blue Sky, but it is really nice. I have no need right now, but when I do, I think that’s what I’ll buy. It’s just around $5-$6 a 50g skein. I don’t know the yardage, but it seemed to be pretty good, a nice worsted weight. Also while there I came across knitting bags (this is what encouraged Faith to start knitting, for the cute bag). I figure since I am a knitter that I have every right to carry it as a purse, at least until my project is too big to fit with my other stuff, and being that I carry my knitting and mostly just my knitting supplies and wallet anyway, why not? The green and brown fits me!

I think for today this about covers it…Oh my beach reading…I am reading this book…Knitting Under the Influence…looks cute huh? Little ball of yarn stuck through the needle to look like an olive…yeah, has nearly nothing to do with knitting at all. I’m pretty disappointed…I’m still reading it, there are parts that are mildly entertaining, and it’s mindless reading, so it’s great for the beach! But NOTHING about knitting, except for the names of the sections. Does anyone know when Friday Night Knit Club is supposed to come out? I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself, us knitters, we will take over the world!!!

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I am living in the midst of a whirlwind of emotion and events. There is so much going on with my husband and I and the direction that our road through life may be taking. There is the possibility of yet another uprooting. We could be moving to Alabama, we go down there in two weeks to try to see what we think of it. If any of my faithful friends are from that area please let me know I’d love to talk to someone that’s lived there or is living there.

All of that being said I’ve been a bit beside myself. Today we just got back from seeing my highschool best friend. I’ll have photos of this soon. I also taught her to knit and within hours she was hooked! I also need to update my photos of what I’m working on.

This week should be jam packed in postings!

Happy Labor Day!

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