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"Post Your Stash Contest"

So this is in reply to the SP11 group contest to post what you store your stash in so that I can win more pretty yarn. And though it is a post a photo and maybe win yarn I’m hoping to play the pitty card up. Have pitty on me and my stash.
Being that we are still in transit, if you will, my stash is the one to suffer. The lovely shelving unit that I usually store my stash in is now my “dresser” because my dresser was too big to get up the stairs. Now my stash is shoved half hazardly into bins that are full to the brim, more or less they are packed in like those canned snakes that jump out when you open them. And sadly the “lesser yarns” are shoved in those liquor boxes in the top of the closet, I’m hoping that there is enough residue in the boxes that my yarn is drunk and will remember nothing once it is unpacked at its final destination…wherever that may be.


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I got swag!

I got my first SP11 package today! What a nice surprise…I was so excited. Here’s my booty of the day.
I got Noro Daria, which I’m pumped, I’ve never used this before. Milky Ways (YUMMY) and good pens, which I have already threatened by husbands life if he removes them. I love nothing better than a good pen…THANK YOU!!!!

On another note my girlfriend that I went to Maine with a few months back is coming in to town this weekend…HOORAY I’m so excited.

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We just returned yesterday from our Williamsburg vacation. It’s amazing to me how the two of us go on trips, I end up with four pictures and absolutely NONE of them have either of us in them! Isn’t that terrible? We did however take part in the Revolutionary War, it was a lot of fun. I think that Williamsburg however needs to put in a spinner/knitter, there is a weaver but somehow we missed them…Here’s what we did see.

And no knitters vacation is complete without a trip to the LYS of the town that you are visiting. I spent a ridiculous amount of time at Knitting Sisters at Kingsmill’s Shopping Center. After perusing for seemingly hours I chose the last of some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a Maroon/Plum color…now I know what you’re going to say LJ, “NO MORE PURPLE” but I have trouble passing up 50% off yarn that is perfectly fine only a purply color ;). I bought 7 balls! I’m hoping that it may be enough for the Minimalist Jacket in the new Interweave, they use a Merino/Alpaca blend, but I don’t see why I can’t use what I bought, it’ll just make it a bit softer. The cute little Lantern Moon Sheep tape measure is for me, I’ve been wanting one for a while and I decided against it when my mother sent me a really cute little orange leather tape measure…that is until my dog thought that it was a chew toy and ingested the whole thing! Sorry Mom! My other prize of the weekend is this beautiful Lantern Moon Needle Case. This came after sweet hubby tried to get me to buy some beautiful ebony needles and I couldn’t remember the sizes that I needed because my dog keeps getting into my bamboo needles. He thought that it was the best investment to get a needle case! This one has both slots for my Addi Turbos that I keep in the plastic, dpns, and long strait needles. I am so excited about it, it’s so pretty and I finally feel organized. I kept sewing needle cases and giving them away instead of keeping them and really I needed something more like this. So it worked out really well…even though I still wish I had my inventory with me and could have gotten some ebony needles…what a sweet man ;).
Oh and we stayed at a beautiful B&B called Mulberry Garden Manor. It was lovely, the breakfast was second to none and the people were beyond kind. We will definitely go back. We are thinking around Halloween of next year for the witch trials!

So I had a great weekend, how was yours?

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Before I Part

I leave for my “holiday” tomorrow morning. Before I do I thought that I’d share more photos. The first is of the beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband bought me for our anniversary.

The rest of the photos are from more jewelry that I caught up on this week.

This last photo is of a custom set that I made for a lady that owns a gift shop in PA. She is considering carrying some of my “wares.” Who knew that this would be such a success!? Not I said the little red knitter.
As for real knitting…you know, with fiber, tomorrow my first stop is Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA. I’m so excited it looks so nice, I think I may get my SP11 something fun from there.

Goodbye Friends, see you soon!

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I think I’m in love

Go here…I’m an enabler, I know…sorry…


PS If you would like to purchase something from this site for yours truly I will be happy to send you my address and donate my first born. Thank you.

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Second Saturday Prep

My first note is about pride, my Lynda Jo was officially sworn into the US Army yesterday and was told that she would be the best type of officer material. I’m so proud of her, I hope that she will find her way there and that she’ll bring a sort of joy in those that she is in comand over! Love you girly!!!
Now, for the knitting.
This Saturday is the Second Saturday Art Stroll here on the island. In preparation for this I have become the silver knitting sweat shop. Here are some of the completed items and some in the works.

This last one is in the process of becoming something, I thought I would click a photo of one of the beginning stages. There will be an update on this one tomorrw.

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Hey Mr. Postman

I am waiting patiently on the mail man to arrive at the shop with my new spool of silver for knitting. I am very excited and I’m contomplating posting a few pieces on Etsy and just seeing how they do. I am also planning on taking a few more photos of other pieces with the “flower” adjusted on my camera to see if that will help.
ANYWAY while I have been waiting on the postman at work I was pleasantly surprised to see hime come to my home! Look what he brought me!!!! Lynda Jo completely outdid herself this time, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Each stitch was done with such precision and love. I could feel it when I wrapped it around myself. I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of me in it, I will later, I look a bit ragged today so I didn’t want to scare anyone! It is my very own Swallow Tail shawl and I love it. I love you LJ!!!

Also since I’ve been waiting on the mail I’ve picked up a UFO from the first of the summer. I am acutally nearly done and I hope to finish it up early this week. My internet has been sketchy this weekend so I’ve been knitting and reading a lot. For the record I did finish Harry Potter and I can’t really say that I’m happy about it, but that’s a different blog all together. I am now reading Knitting Under the Influence, and so far I’m not really impressed, but I am slightly entertained so for the time being I’ll keep reading.

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