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The Silver Knitting

I know that I’ve been posting in a sketchy manner, but really all I’ve been knitting is jewelry and though I know you’re all dying to see it, my camera isn’t quite good enough to take good photos of the jewelry. I have done in the following the best that I can.
Last week I loaded up my camera and set off for work to take pictures of the stuff that I had made, when I got there everything has sold! No photos. I made up some stuff quickly for the weekend and came in yesterday, everything had sold! I’m famous! J/K! But I did finish up some stuff yesterday and here are the photos of what I’ve got out right now. Drum roll please…

Perhaps this extra cash from selling knitted jewelry should go for a better camera. This bracelet is actually really pretty, it matches the necklace to the left with pink pearls at each end where the clasp will go. I’m working on some more stuff today but I’m nearly out of silver until my new order comes in. I feel like I should be knitting with fiber at home but at th end of the day my fingers hurt and I want nothing more than to sit infront of a television or the like and let my hands rest. This fall perhaps I’ll be knitting more exciting things! I leave you with one last photo, my silly big boy playing in his empty feed bag, I think I will send this photo to Friskies!


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First Sale

I am so excited. I sold my first knitted necklace yesterday! Infact two women were fighting over it and I have been requested to make some matching ear rings! I didn’t even get a photo of it!!! It’s got me a little revived, however making new stuff is going to severely cut into my Harry Potter reading time, and I’m not really sure that I’m completely ok with that! Oh well…sacrifices you must make!


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The Twisting Nether

I have not been up on my posting. If I were to be completely honest I would divulge that I have been swallowed up once more by the gaming world and that knitting has taken a back seat. I would also say that this is fueled by the heat, that seems to happen to knitters in the summer time.

Though I am not trying to make excuses I will also say that the lack of a knitting community has really taken me for a dive. I feel very alone and underappreciated. My art seems to be lacking art it is simply “home ec.” For this I am not pleased. I miss my Monday nights nestled in the little white house with the smell of yarn and wine all around me. I miss the encouraging words and the laughter. I even miss the annoyances of unwanted intruders (“Red Rum! Red Rum”) with broken hearts and mangled skeins. I miss Jo and our random nights at Starbucks, running on two lattes, a little gossip, and tying on a second ball of Manos. I must find a community or start one. My husband has seen the withering look in my eyes and has made suggestions. There is an every first and third Sunday afternoon in Salisbury at Barnes and Nobel, but I’m not sure that I want to surrender one of my two days with my husband for a 2 hour round trip drive.

As far as what I’ve been working on here goes:
I have worked some on the South Seas table runner from Knit Two Together. It’s coming along ok, I’m just not terribly excited about anything any more….It’s fairly mindless and I had been working on it at work until a few days ago. It was suggested that I try working in the medium of silver wire. A spool was brought down to me and I began searching for patterns. I have a few in the book Alterknits that I will post photos of later, but Julie of Mind of Winter was linked in Nona’s site for a ginko leaf that she designed. The wire that she used for this project appears to be a bit more dainty than what I’m working with, but I’m hopping to get some better wire for this soon. I’m ejoying this, it is a quick project and I will begin to sell them at our shop, however it makes my hands hurt terribly, my fingers aren’t used to working with something so harsh. I am looking to see how these projects evolve.

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Knit Funk

We’ve all had them…knitting funks that is…I have been officially diagnosed, caused by working a pattern that doesn’t excite ones knitting senses. I’ve been working on this thing for two weeks at least now and I’m just not happy. I’ll come back to it sometime but for now, I have to let it go, I have to find the cure. So this is what I did first thing this morning:

I pushed my PIP behind my swift and ball winder and wound a new ball of 100% Linen for the South Seas Table Runner. I’m hoping that it will send my knitting senses into sensory overload. After the ball was wound I couldn’t help but think that it looked like a little nest, more so than other yarn, each strand so neatly nestled waiting to be made into something worthy of its winding. I hope that I will do right by it.

I’m very tired this morning, there’s no good reason for it, I just am. I don’t particularly want to go to work either, we had a theft on Friday while I was there, nothing makes you feel dumber than someone taking stuff right out from under your nose. Luckily one of the owners was with me when it happened so it wasn’t totally my fault, but as we all know “shit rolls down hill” so I feel like…well…So anyway, my motivation is wearing thin due to paranoia and stupidity. I think I’m going to make myself a hot cup of tea and braid my hair to prepare for the hot, long day ahead of me.


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A New Ball

There is something refreshing about tying on a new ball in the middle of a project. It is like marking your path. My lace top is taking longer than I’d like it to for several reasons, but one just being the amount of time that I’ve had to work on it. Oh well…I’m on ball two and moving forward!

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I know…I know…
Since I’ve been back I’ve been away, and I’m terribly sorry. I do have lots of pictures though so all know that I’ve been a very busy girl.
First thing is first. We all acquire new friends when we enter blogging land but usually they remain there, tucked tightly away behind their computer, the ghost writer behind kind words and advice. Occasionally you find yourself at the same place at the same time when it comes to a conference or other such event and you chat about the fun had separately at the same place. This past week I had the honor of meeting a ghost writer in person right here on my little corner of the world. NHKnittingMama (Amanda) came to Chincoteague with her family and dropped by my gallery for a visit. We even did a little bag swag swap, I was soooo excited to get a really nice hefty mug from the great state of New Hampshire, and a sampling of black tea (my favorite). We stood around and chatted for a little bit, and I met her sweet mother. I wish that she’d been around longer and could have gone with me on Saturday to the LYS where I had to replace yet another pair of needles that my dog chewed up!

On to knitting news. I know that I’ve been dry with that lately. Well I finished the little crop top I was designing as I went. I turned out absolutely NOTHING like I intended it too, but it’s pretty cute, could be cuter with a few minor adjustments. I also finally finished sewing up the green lace wrap from Rebecca that I also made some alterations on. Photos of that on will come soon. Since I had a full two days of sewing up there was a large blocking party going on at my house. I took photos, fun was had by all! Especially Aida who can’t pass up the joys of a photo op. Lucky for me, the greatly impatient one, cotton, lace, and silk don’t take long to dry! Yippee! I could wear my design the next day. Like I said it needed some alterations, and a different shirt under it, but for now it works. The back could have stood to come in a few stitches on both sides, cotton is so hard to know how it will block. I used the Patagonia Nature Cotton that I have been dying to use, it is a dream to work with, and with a croppy top I have plenty left to play around with. The front laces up, and the sleeves also have a lace up. For added interested I added a lace up on the back. My camera is very poor quality so I apologize. As you can see I’m not very happy with the sagging going on on the back but that could be fixes with a few less stitches and perhaps a second blocking party.

As for new projects I am working on a lace top from Rebecca. I’m using Maggi’s Cotton Linen, as you all know I do love to work with. It always turns out so crisp and uniform looking. So I’m not terribly far into it, it is worked in the round so that’s always fun. Also at the LYS I picked up some FibraNatura Flax for the beginning of some holiday knitting. Christmas knitting in July you know…it also may be something to sell at our gallery, as I have been asked if I would care for a featured section. We’ll see how quickly the South Seas Table Runner comes out before I make that decision. I think that it will be a fairly quick and fun knit, at least that’s what I’m hoping since it is my holiday knit for nearly everyone!

The last thing on my agenda to share today with my ghost writers and friends is my stupidity. When Jon and I go to the beach our main source of entertainment is human folly. Unfortunately yesterday it was my own. I currently am sporting what I like to call “The Stupid Tourist Tan” meaning I am fried to a crisp on one side. No I didn’t fall asleep, that would have made this a little more forgivable, no, I’m just stupid. Our chairs are uncomfortable to lay on your stomach so I just didn’t, and now my front half is the color of a lobster and my back half is a stripe of winter snow…I’m hoping to get the fourth off to even up a bit…I’m taking a towel and laying on my stomach the whole day!

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