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Home Sweet Home

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I have returned and with much to say. But I’d rather just show you some photos. I won’t bore you with the five billion that I took in Maine just the highlights.
My SP10 Jen is probably about the cutest thing in the world! I aspire to be as good a SP11 as she was SP10 to me. When I walked in the door last night the package was lying on the table. Opening it you’d have thought that I was a child at Christmas, even my husband was ooing and awwing. Here’s the photos of my gifts. My hubby loves the sock pattern so much he has requested that she send it to me. They are soooo cozy. They’re cotton/elastic so they’re great for all weather and they fit like a glove. I do sometimes love having small baby feet. I got quite a raking, more stitch markers, flashlight, magnets, Burts Bees (love the stuff btw), color lava thingy, and beautiful blue cotton fleece!Jen THANK YOU!!! You’re a doll!!!

In Maine I kept getting really bummed because all of the yarn shops were closed when we were out and about. Finally on Sunday we drove by Shirley’s Yarn and Gifts in Hancock outside of Bar Harbor. It was just on our way, I wasn’t even looking. But I was a very good girl, I think I deserve a medal. I only bought three hanks of Malabrigo. I couldn’t resist it felt so soft and so beautiful. I insisted in only getting things that I couldn’t get at home and that’s what I wanted most. There were a number of other great things in the shop, her selection of sock yarn was out of this world, but being in Maine it was mostly for winter knitting, and I’ve got so much winter stash it’s rediculous. I’m calling this color way Lobster…since I was in Maine. The photo doesn’t do the color any justice but it is a red with burgandy and a little pink in the lighter areas.

Now for some Maine photos, and then I must be off to work.


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I am off in the morning to Maine until the 25th! I’m very sad to leave the hubby alone but I think that the trip will be a blast!

So…blog silence until I return. I will have TONS of photos I’m sure, and this lace wrap thing should be finished today! Woopy!!!

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Leafy Green

After spending about twenty minutes doing math (equivalent to or worse than long division) I figured out how to go about doing the Rebecca Pattern for the Lacey Wrap Jacket (man those people at Rebecca sure are creative with the names of their patterns). So…I’ve been going steady at that for the last few days. Because it is a continual decrease it is going rather quickly. I am pleased. However right now I don’t like the color, which is weird because before I started this project I was ready to wed this yarn. It’s Elsabeth Llvold Silky Tweed in the sage colorway. If I don’t start liking it by the time it’s complete it may very well become a gift…or I’ll Etsy it or something.

I sent off my last SP10 gift day before yesterday. I hope that she likes it. I put my reveal information in the package since I won’t be sending anything else. This swap has been fun and I do think that I’ll sign up for the next one.

The post man also came yesterday to change my life. I received my ball winder and swift in the mail. The swift is a little be odd, it took me a few minutes to figure it all out, but it does serve its purpose so I can’t be too upset.

I’m opening the gallery today. My boss is driving to Norfolk to pick up his wife at the airport and gave me a key! I’ve worked there for a week! I’m feeling a bit nervous but I know that it will be fine…just odd…but fine.

Oh and if anyone is an expert with sock math, could you please message me, I’m dying on my sock…or I’m killing it rather and I need some help.

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The wind is blowing with a mighty force. I can hear her voice faintly as she pushes her way down gated streets and through buildings unwelcome erected in her path. She’s calling, crying, wailing to anyone who dares to listen to her. The water rushes to meet her wherever it can, the inlets seem wide and more forbidding than usual. I’d never witnessed the water so high as she called me towards it. My feet, they could not carry me fast enough, my friend, the sparrow, she did not budge at my presence. I wanted to dip my hands into the salty water and drink it in. I inhale deeply, taking in the whispers and the wails alike. The only life other than my own seemed to be the large white egret standing in the shallow just past the landing, he too seemed to be riveted by the winds words. He searched the sky with me, we both knew but neither of us said a word, she was saying it all. And we, the egret and I, we were the only ones listening.

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Boston Hoggers

I’m going to Maine next week, and like any good knitter I did a search for yarn shops around where I’m going to be. As I was doing a search I came to find out that there are over 100 yarn shops in the greater Boston area. Can someone please tell me how this is even fair? Are there really that many knitters in Boston? Come now…

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I did it!

Yes I did it, I ordered my ball winder and swift. I am now waiting on UPS to change my life forever. I don’t know how much I’m going to like a plastic swift, in my head I don’t know that I’m liking it that much, but for now it’s better than nothing and I could afford it, that’s the kicker. There are some really nice, and beautiful wooden swifts out there, but their price tag reveals their elegance. Perhaps someday I will own one of those, for now I deal in plastic.

I did a swatch on the pattern in my head last night, and as I wanted it, it’s not going to work, so I’m back to the drawing board, quite literally. And as punishment the husband made me work on my socks all night last night. They are my penance. I believe in all reality he’s making me finish my socks so that I can start on his, but for his he has requested that I do two socks on two circulars of which I’m sure I can figure out, but I don’t really know how to do…Thanks honey for challenging me. When I yelled from the other room “there, I worked on my socks” he said “you’re not done, just do them tonight, it’s not like they take long!” I could have slapped him. Mostly for being right. I believe I will continue my penance today at work. But I’m stringing alone the Rebecca pattern from Hell just in case.

Speaking of Hell, does anyone watch Hell’s Kitchen? Last nights vote off was a socker…well…not so much who was voted off as to who was nominated. HELLO Aaron has obvious emotional problems and needs to go home, I don’t want someone getting tears in my food!

I’m going to dry my hair and pick up a muffin and Chai Latte before work.

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I’ve Been Tagged

Here’s the deal: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. I’ve been tagged by LJ, unfortunately I don’t have a large online community that LJ didn’t already use up, so I’m going to choose some bloggers at random.

1. I am obsessesive about black tea, my day hasn’t started without a cup of tea. (I was a nasty little coffee drinker and I recently decided that tea was better for me.)

2. I have tattoo envy. I have great appreciation for fine art, especially that on ones body…if it’s well done (we’re not talking Bugs Bunny here). I love back tattoos and chicks with great sleeves (i.e. Maggie from Stranger than Fiction).

3. I have an addictive personality, mostly with certain foods. If I find something that I like I will eat it several times a week for about a month or so until I’ve found something new.

4. I want to grow up to be a fiction writer someday. But first I need to get back into practice. I’ve fallen to the beaten path and my pen lays just inches from my reach.

5. I love to peel sunburn…mine or someone elses…gross huh?

6. I have our economic system. I would like to go back to a world that works on the barter system. I give you a pound of chicken, you give me wool. I bake you a cake you give me a goat.

7. I’m afraid of birds pecking my eyes out!

Now I tag:
Sonya (sorry I lost my link thing)

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