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Whatever I Want?

I am struggling with gumption today. It’s so easy just to want to stay on the island. To need to stay on the island. But currently I feel that I need some interaction with society. Not at all to say that my husband being the only person that I interact with every day is bad…it’s just…well…I need more than one person to be interacting with. I have a few options. I can take a shower, clean the apt. aside: it’s amazing to me how no matter how small the space you live in, it always gets really dirty. End aside. go to the post office to officially change my address and pick up some stamps, and if there seems enough time venture to Snow Hill to check out the yarn and fabric shop…OR I can take a shower, go to the post office, go to Snow Hill, come back and clean. OR I can take a shower, clean, go to the post office, come back here and knit because I may have to go towards Snow Hill tomorrow to kennel the dog, but I’ve got a million other things that I have to do tomorrow before we leave and I may not have time…hm…I just don’t know. I’ll think on this while I’m in the shower, however the words Carpe Diem keep ringing loudly in my head.

On another note my last check from my job comes in tomorrow. Jonathan has said that I can do
whatever I want (within reason) with that money. Here’s what I want. I have been battling internally for a swift and ball winder for a while. I just keep thinking how expensive they generally are…however, WEBS is having a sale on this particular set for only $65! I think it’s pretty much a no brainer. When it was $90 I wasn’t so sure, but I think I can do $65, afterall, that’s not even two tanks of gas! No it’s not wood, but plastic will do me for now.

Also as a result of the last blog and my frustration I have begun the Ogee Lace Skirt (shawl/apron) from the new Interweave. I’ll post photos of my own progress soon. However, as a note I will say that I went down a needle size, 11s made the tight parts of the lace look large and raggy. I believe that the Louisa Harding that I’m using also has enough give that going down a size won’t matter that much. At least I hope not, otherwise I will find a very petiete person on the street to exhibit my craftmanship!

On a small note, I hope I get mail soon, I’ll even accept a bill. It seems you never feel more alone than when you have no mail. Yet another reason to order something!


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It’s terribly hot. The compressor on our air conditioner in the new apt. is broken and I’m not sure when it will be fixed. We must go outside to be relieved from the heat. The animals all lay about listlessly trying to sleep away the hot of the day and I have broken out in a rash. I’m hoping that the landlord will get it fixed tomorrow…I do so miss being my own landlord.

I have taken up photographing people on the beach but my computer with all of the good programs on it seems to have jiggled something loose in the move and I cannot get to my editors. I’ll be taking it tomorrow to have it looked at…the prospect of computer troubles makes me nervous, its much like a car, you have no idea how much it will be in the end to get it all fixed. But much like a car, it seems that we live in a world where we cannot begin to imagine living without one.

To add to my problems I will add again that as much as I love Rebecca patterns as they turn out in the end, I do terribly hate having to read them. I finally got the back done on my lace top and began the front left only to pull out my needles and leave it laying half hazardly in its basket to move on to something else. I will come back to this, the lace is very pretty as you see and the yarn is a dream, but right now it is all my nightmare and I need something a bit more easing. I believe I will try an American written pattern. I would return to my beach socks, but I have deamed them just that, beach socks, otherwise the bore me to tears.

I keep glancing sideways as I write this to admire just how pretty that lace turned out, and I then have to counter myself with just how pissed off I’ve been about trying to read this rediculous pattern.

And now the heat is getting to me. This room is too small and stuffy…I must find rest infront of a fan or perhaps a tub full of ice!

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Yes yes, the hubby and I have finally got all moved…well…mostly moved I must say. If only my entire adventure could fit within these pages, it would be sure not to bore you, however for the sake of knitting I won’t…Being that we have been relocating very little knitting has been done. I did however cast on my second first sock and have deemed them “beach socks” Yes that beach is all of five minutes from me…be jealous…of the beach and my sexy tan! Haha! Basically I happened onto an island by accident on Tuesday and we rented an apt. on it on Wednesday…what luck!

SP10 check your secret email for forwarding address information.

Anyway, I should be back in the saddle now!

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Proud Owner

I am a proud owner of a college graduate!!! Hooray! My wonderful husband graduated from college yesterday and we officially move one week from today. Here are the pictures to prove it!

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So I bought new shoes and started over on my project. Here are photos of the day…

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like hom…is it working? Where is home anyway?

I am staying with my in-laws until we move to Maryland. Currently all of their flowers are in full bloom. They were too beautiful to pass up the photo op.

Seriously, I’m getting to knitting, I swear. But I love new shoes too, and flowers…

Ok…really, we’re almost there.
Look at that! Hidden there in the flower bed…is it moss? No! It’s the new beginning of the Rebecca lace cardi! Hooray. I took a few days off and pouted at the yarn shop last night for a while before deciding to start again with some beautiful green Elsabeth Llvold silky tweed that I purchased at the sale back in March. I do so love working with this stuff….

And aparently so does Azlan….which is by the way doing much better at the in laws, and with Aida. He’s getting gutsy and she’s getting scared, it’s pretty funny.

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Today is gray…and I sit wondering what exactly a dying project sounds like. Unraveled, crimpled yarn laying at your feet and pure dijection has writen its song all over your face. Those moments that you want to quit, or those that you know that your needles cannot lay bare.

I believed for a short while that it sounded like a raven, but the pecking my cadavor could handle it no longer. That’s when I realized that it was in fact a phoenix. You hear a terribly sad song, a faint cry and then it burst into flames. There it lies, it’s quiet unbeautiful remains. As you mull over its ending and morn its death, the ashes begin to quiver, and from the ashes rises another beautiful phoenix and you have moved on to another project.

My phoenix has wailed and burned twice this weekend. Though my ashes remain unstirred, from the ashes will I rise again!

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I got the email, as many of you did for the new Summer Interweave. The first thing that I am struck by is that 10 out of 22 patterns in the new “summer” edition are for cold weather items, including long sleeve sweaters, scarves and gloves. Shown on your immediate left is a lovely chunky cozy looking sweater made of merino that would be great for raking leaves, or perhaps after a long day of skiing to cuddle up by the fire…nope, I’m sorry, global warming has made us all crazy, it’s actually for the summer time…I believe perhaps in Antarctica where they claim that ice caps are melting. Excuse me Miss, can I borrow your sweater, it’s only 85 degrees?!?! For crying out loud, it’s summer. Some, like this sweater, are done in wool, which I don’t know about you guys, but I like to knit in lighter fibers in the summer. There are a few winners, which is a reliefe because I wasn’t at all impressed with the Spring Interweave, so I will be buying this mostly for the wing tanktop and the little wrap skirt/shawl deal.

Anyway…that’s my soapbox on this Friday…oh and where way my weekly Berroco!

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