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A Problem with Color

I feel red today…and being that I’m writing about color it only seems appropriate that I write as I feel and today, I feel red.

I am, what you might call, a colorful person. I do not fear color, I embrace it. In my house, on my body, the colors that I surround myself in make me feel one way or another, and I think that phsychologically that’s the way that it tends to go. Green is the only color that the eye never tires of, if you are around me much you will hear me say that a thousand times. And though I get stuck in color ruts (my current one being various shades of eggplant) I would not say that I am bad with color or that I fear one color or another, I am rather good at seeing color and telling you what makes it up and what will look good with it…I better be, I do work in fashion…though that sort of brings me right in to the rant that I wanted to be on…


I do not understand people and their choices of color. Not that any color is better than any other or that any color is really bad per say. But rather that your average person tends to choose to knit things with terrible colors that do not go together. There are many shades of many colors that I like but I am aware when those shades do not go together. Sadly though fiber artist or not many knitters just pick at random colors that they like and throw them all together and knit them into this pile of knitted Rainbow Bright throw up. A woman comes into a shop and needs five balls in differnt colors all for one pattern (this is purely hypathetical unless you were there to witness this with me), now someone with an understanding of color would choose a variety of verigated tones that would easily work their way from one color to the next, instead this one had the biggest mess of rediculous colors and was all about how great they would look! I believe that the look on my face was pure terror!

Fiber artist, I cry out to all of you, do not fall victim to this. You have been given a great talent that many others wish that they had and we are squandering it on terrible colors and rediculous patterns and making our art looking like grandma’s catastrophy! Please…let me help you…if you notice this trend in your own knitting please, send me a photo, I will be happy to help you choose healthy colors that will be both flattering and fantastic! If you see a sweater pattern from the 80s calling your name and calls for 5 different bright colors, please, turn and run, not walk, as fast as you can in the oposite direction. This is NOT ok!

And if you are set in your ugly color choosing ways, please explain it to me so that it makes sense…and on that note, if you’re bad with color please don’t work in fashion, it makes me cringe to know the people choosing things that are “Must Haves”…I know things…and it bothers me!


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Every New Beginning…

…Is Some Other Beginnings End!

And here are both. I have finished my sweater from Rebecca shown below on my body at a beach I have never been to. I looked really bad and we were in a parking lot at work…so…here’s my body at the beach where I would have preferred to be anyway. This particular photo is remanisent of one of those terrible photos found in a Chinese Buffet and genearlly the water is moving in the background…this photo is half for humors sake and half for the sake of the sweater which is more attractive when I’m standing (and probably tan) but it’s cute and I am happy with it none the less.

Please excuse the glare on this next photo. This would be my current project, and as you can see clearly I have just cast on. The pattern calls for 4 hanks of Euroflax (which note for those of you who are bargain shoppers, they have recently changed their label so the old label will likely go clearance in various places online and otherwise) ANYway…you see a pattern calling for four of something and generally you don’t cringe, unless of course it’s Euroflax that is $20 a hank and I don’t care who you are but it’s a little steep to make a skirt for $80, I’d personally prefer to go buy one at that cost. So, as you can see I am using the Maggi Knit Linen Cotton blend in a gray color way. This would be the color that my dear husband (who is making me nuts working on our house this week) picked out. I have never worked with this yarn before and it is very interesting but I believe that it is going to knit up beautifully. I think this skirt is going to take a long time but be well worth it as I’m sure you can tell from the little bit of the photo that isn’t glared. Oh, and did I mention that I got the Maggi at the 75% off sale, so it was actually $2.25 a ball…MUCH better…so if I use all 8 balls this skirt will cost me $18! That’s even great for a skirt on sale somewhere…Oh…I’ve been calling this a skirt, I’m sorry, it’s a kilt! I’ll be Irish through and through one of these days…I’m determind to knit myself that way, all tweeds and Irish yarns and patterns for me…I believe I shall change my name to Leiry!

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I thought I’d just throw all possibilities into the pot for this one…it was either Irish luck on great St. Patrick’s Day or a full out Birthday miracle, either one you care to believe in, you may take a bit of both if you like also…the point being I struck gold!
Aparently for me the end of the rainbow was in Tulsa yesterday at Naturally Needlepoint and Knitting. We took a little road trip, some friends, that guy I married, and I, down to Tulsa to go yarn shopping and the like for my birthday. We knew that there were two shops there to stop at, Loops, the main fancy shop in the square, and Naturally Needlepoint and Knitting and that the lader of the two was to make a move soon. When we pulled into Naturally Needlepoint in its nearly empty shopping center there was a moving truck sitting in front of it and a sign on the door that read 75% off sale. I was sure that everything would be well picked through and we’d have our choice of novelty yarn and maybe some really terrible colors in some Debbie Bliss cotton rope or something like that. To my great surprise it was a little corner of the shop filled with wonderful beautiful yarns, Rowan and Debbie Bliss Angora, Nature Cotton, Collonette, you name it! After shopping experience A. there and then B. at Loops, which was a lovely unorganized store with women who attack you as you come through the door (I bought a pattern that’s it). Let me expound, we walked through the door and were mauled by a woman sitting at the table in the lounge, then treated as if we didn’t know how to knit…excuse me madam but is that a scarf you’re making, tisk tisk! After leaving there feeling a little silly and disappointed we then shopping went to experience C. back to Naturally Needpoint and Knitting, the photos that you see are of my second stash increasement experience, my total of the day coming to $151 and should have been a much larger number, most of that was encouraged by my husband after he wandered in and kept squeezing and sniffing and picking up balls of yarn and asking me what I could make out of them including picking out the material, Maggie’s Irish Handspun to make the scarf that he’s been begging for since early January. Obviously Aida thinks that I have bought this pile of goodness for her pleasure as well…Mixed into this pile of yumminess is a gift to my secret pal (who is making out rather nicely when things are 75% off) and of course some yarn for my mother since she would just squalk if I could get such nice cheap stuff and not get her any ;)! Of course I could have just kept my mouth shut and kept it all for myself…why must I be a good daughter?

The rest of the pictures are just random photos of my cat, Aida feeling that she should belong as a part of everything. She must be loved on even when knitting, even if it’s just by my foot…
Aida love to read with Daddy, either that or she’s a new gargoyle or is seeking out her ancestors place as a sphynx.

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Random Short Thoughts

* To my SP10: Please note, acrylic yarn was so far off of my radar that I didn’t even put it on my absolutely will not use if you are holding my stash hostage list…

* Brenda Dane emailed me…that makes me excited!

* My husband has renigged his comment and is now acting like he didn’t say it.

(You will likely hear from me again today, I am nearly done with my Poplin Sweater from Rebecca)

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Forgive me to those of you who prefer picture blogs, today will be just words…short gatherings of words, but words none the less.

Last night durring knitting night I began getting near the “end” of the left side of my sweater, I had just been chatting away not really paying much attention, and then it happened…I realized that I had not put the arm hole into the sweater. For the remainder of knitting I was required to tear out, and we’re not talking a small amount, I had to tear out around 38 rows to get to where I needed to start binding off for the arms. Good thing that fun part is knitting…

As for the shot heard ’round the knitting world…I’m not really sure what got into my husband last night but he nearly died a slow painful death. We have been sleeping in seperate rooms since I came down with the flu. In this our nightly few sentance before sleeping chats have been shouted from room to room. I say shouted as if we have a large house, they were more or less spoken loudly. At any rate, I was discussing with him that my mother wanted me to go with her to Little Rock and Heber Springs to the yarn shops there for my birthday sometime in April (note my birthday is Friday and I expect to be pampered ;). So anyway he proceeds to yell “You spend too much time and money on yarn.” Followed by me yelling “WHAT!?!?” pause “WHAT!?!?!” and his retreat to “never mind.” I’m not sure what that was all about but it’s not going to fly. He’s been ultra supportive of my dreams to open a yarn shop some day, in fact he wants to open a coffee bar on the other side with discounts to knitters and suddently he’s squashing me…I think not!

PS he’s buying me yarn for my birthday…perhaps he’s getting off easy…or was until that comment!

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So…it turns out that I have the flu! Super exciting, especially since I’m missing my brother-in-laws birthday bash as we speak. Fortunately they’re having tomato sandwiches which would not be my choice meal, so that part I’m not at all upset about.

As for me being home alone and OCD like I am, everything tends to be magnified by about 50% when I’m drugged, so every speck of dust today looked like they do on Honey I Shrunk the Kids, so me in my drugged half drunked state cleaned my house…stupid I know. I sat down for a minute and I kept thinking about all of the stuff that I’ve failed to share on my blog so then I got up again. To me these pictures look pretty ok, but then again my screen is going in and out of focus while I’m typing so they may actually be terrible. Forgive me my eyes know not what they do.

Side note (I’m sick, my mind works in logic right now) my cat, Aida, is litterally opening every closed door and cabinet in the house right now. After she gets one thing open she’s moving on to the next, I think she’s doing it to make me crazy.

These first two photos are of course the anxiously awaited “nighty,” and the answer is no, that does no cover my booty, it doesn’t even really cover much of my hips. Hence why I wear it over a t-shirt and call it a day. It is much more attractive on, but I however am not today, so I am
avoiding the law suites and just posting photos of it on my kitchen table until I look well enough to have photos taken of me in it. If you are looking at doing the Interweave Free Nighty my suggestion would be to do the bottom/edge feather pattern twice more to make length. There is no problem with it fitting around your waist and butt if it were actually that long, but it is not. It is a beautiful quick knit and a great way for any begining lacers to learn, this was in fact my first lace piece and now I’m hooked. This whole project from beginning to end, minus the 6 times starting over, only took one week. The edge does have a tendancy to curl up even after blocking, but right now that edge falls on me right on the bend in my hips so every time I sit down it really encourages the curl. You can’t tell very well from the back photo but it does have an extreme drop in the back, it is very pretty.

This is a picture of the new needle case that I made with some fabric that I got at a great deal when Hancock’s was having their huge president’s day sale. The buttons are from the vintage button stash that was passed on to me from my grandmother at Christmas time.

And speaking of stash the last photo is of my stash enlargement (not caused by the little blue pill). I was however being treated for needle disfunction and the fact that my stash was not as fulfilling as it could be, this was causing a small rift between my needles and myself because as well all know, needle disfunction effects everyone in the family. After consulting the local yarn shop durring their March madness sale my stash enlargement happened, it was like magic, suddenly curing all signs of needle disfunction. With some purchases I have projects in mind, with others, I just bought it because at some point I would have a project in mind, I hear that this is a cure for premature…oh wait…anyway…I’m not very good at just buying yarn without a project in mind, it’s a problem of mine, when I do I don’t generally buy enough to actually do anything with, I must overcome this and fast. Next week is my birthday…Friday the 16th, buy me lost of presents! Anyway, for my birthday my dear sweet husband is taking me to Tulsa (with some friends) and giving me $X to spend on yarn at the supposedly yummy yarn shops there. So…with several projects in mind I am going, however, if I cannot find anything for those projects, I must embrace something completely different and just buy enough of whatever I like to do whatever I may want to do with something pretty in the future!
Help me! Any words of wisdom? I am looking for advice on how to carelessly buy whatever yarn I want and how much to buy!!!

*Disclaimer – I don’t spell well ever, I’m worse when medicated!

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Ok, so one day after my last post the monsters that stole my camera returned it completely unscathed to the backseat of my car. Makes total sense huh? I have failed however at taking a photo of the nighty, perhaps I will take it tonighty! I was laughed at because I wore it over a black ls. t-shirt to work, but no one that didn’t know it was a nighty thought anything of it, it was only those that knew what I was working on so…perhaps you’ll see a picture of it tonight….maybe…if you’re lucky.

I am currently fighting off a cold, or rather giving up. I have fought the good fight and now I’m giving in. It’s been over a year since I’ve had a humdinger of a cold so I’m just going to let it infest my body, at least it’s coming at the end of the week I suppose. I can’t really describe I how I feel other that “UGH!”

So about knitting. I am very excited because I recieved my SP10 newsletter this morning and I anxiously await my spoilee to be given to me next week. You are in for treats little spoilee! So I’m pretty pumped up about it all! On another note, it appears that I am going to be moving…not my blog, just my body…no worries, you can still find me here. Anyway, I have turned enough soil here and it is time for me to be moving on, the demanding North Wind has moved in and called to me that my time is done. For those of you familiar with any eastern culture I believe that I will be able to explain to you my desires and habits in one phrase, I am water. I am moving east, running towards the ocean, towards the shore, and I could not be more content in this decision. Of course I have begun looking to what yarn shops are within’ an arms reach of me in these places. If I go to Maryland (most likely) I have one within’ 20 minutes (which with traffic here, that’s about how long it takes me to get from one side of town to the other). If I go to Georgia it’s about and hour and a half or more, and that just won’t do! So also if I go to Maryland on those weekends or random week days that I can escape to Baltimore or Washington there are tons of yarn shops in those areas, and I’m sure good ones at that! Purl on Soho is a 3.5 hour train ride (exclusive trip reserved for Lynda Jo’s trip to visit…if I can wait that long…or Mom’s…Ma, you wanna go to NYC we’ll catch a show, it’ll be fun!!!). Anyway, my plan today is to email the lady that owns the shop in Maryland, it is a quilt shop as well…according to my research (I didn’t get a degree in journalism for nothing) she is having a baby this summer and will perhaps require some assistance to keep the shop open. I am going to grill her on the yarns that she carries, let her know that I’ve seen that some people were wanting to start a weekly knitting group online and that I would be willing to begin facilitating it, and that if she’s looking for some help that I would be looking for a job come May/Juneish! Sneaky I am! That’s the plan anyway.

So enough about that, on to what’s on my needles. Sorry that I moved when taking these pictures, they’re not ultra clear. However, you can see that I’m working on the cute little tunic sweater from this season’s Rebecca. I picked the yarn first, that lovely butter yellow Debbie Bliss cotton/angora, it was 50% at the March Madness sale here at the local knitting shop. After digging and digging for a pattern that would be perfect I ran across this one, it’s been a rather quick knit, the panel shown is the back panel and has been on the needles since Saturday. The second picture is the cover of this Rebecca in the case that you are interested in this pattern also. Keep in mind that apparently everyone that lives in Germany comes in two sizes, small and smaller, so that pattern must be altered if you’re larger than a size nothing ;)! Also if it’s your first time following a Rebecca pattern as it was mine, you are required to think and do math and stupid stuff like that, more than a regular pattern. I’m not so much a fan of that, but whatever!

Ok, this last picture is really just for fun. Our camera at work was freaking out and someone took this picture of me by mistake while trying to fiture out what was wrong with the camera. So, this is me in my natural habitat. So I’m going to point out things around me. In this photo I am updating my notes in my notebook and checking things off that I’ve already finished.
Note the partially empty coffee cup, I have recently decided that I’m OCD in an odd way that I absolutely cannot drink the very end of my coffee. I get one cup early in the morning, at about 9 I top it off to heat it up, and then I never finish it, I leave the end sitting on my desk until the next morning. Note a to-go cup in the far left corner, I did finish it. Next to to-go cup are my ear bugs which often times are playing knitting podcast. Behind me is a Grey’s Anatomy breast cancer awareness ad that someone tore from a magazine and put on my wall, a Jimmy Johns take out menu, knitting abreviations list, and a calendar tear out that is Napoleon Dynamite which has to do with my friend Lacie’s “holiday moves.” And there’s lots and lots of paper that I am trying to elimitate today! Ok…that’s me in my natural habitat.

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