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I’m sorry that I’ve not updated in so long my dear readers…i will, very soon. My camera is being held captive in the trunk of my car currently but will be released soon I believe and I can photograph all that’s been keeping me busy.
I am still working on my sweater and will likely be done by the time I get photos. I’m very excited and pleased with how it turned out.

You will hear from me again soon!
Lost Sheep


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No Idol Hands

Here’s my proof!
These are the mittens that I knitted for my Secret Santa at work.
And the progress on my sweater. Both fronts are complete and what is on my needles now is the back of the sweater.

So, that’s my proof, i really am knitting…that sweater doesn’t look like much now, but I hope to be done in the next few weeks and it’s going to be a dream! I’m so excited, and to start knitting from my new Vintage Knits book. I think first I’ll be making banana fiber hand warmers, just for fun!

I need a knit fix…Monday Knit Night…will it ever come?

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