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A Knitty Christmas

I’ve been terrible at writing as of late. I was knitting like crazy for last minute gifts at the holidays, and then realized after giving them away I didn’t even take pictures. I’ll be toating my camera with me to try and snag some shots so that you know that my silence has been for reason.

So…knowing that I was knitting wrong I started all over with my sweater. I have the front left panel done and half of the front right panel. My mother and I ripped out the back and balled it along with all of the rest of the terrible yarn. Lovely knitted up mind you, but each skein was in about fifteen to fifty pieces, depending on how badly the moths got into this old womans knitting closet.

My holiday was very good, Santa filled my stocking and my knitting cabinet full. As of this moment I have two desk top knitting calendars, Vintage Knits the book (which is very exciting) a knitters design journal, a gift certificate to my local yarn shop, bags of yarn, and money for more yarn! It’s exciting! I of course recieved other non-knitting related items, such as a few nice sweaters and a heinous purse from my grandmother-in-law that was magically changed into a great pair of shoes via the Dillards Elf! I’ve made out well, and I’m sitting fat and sassy for a while.

My mission tonight is to find a sufficient knitting basket. While the husband is away having dinner with some friends I’m off on a quest. Though the goodies that are waiting for me a grand, I have vowed not to start anything else until my sweater is complete. So I’m very ready to get that done, and well, I can’t do that if I’m sitting here typing. So off I go!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a knit night!

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To Be Warm

I would have taken photos of my sweater progression, but currently my camera is on vacation and I haven’t been able to use my mother in laws in a while, so I appologize for my seeming slackness. So you will have to be settled with my verbal explaination and photos later. I nearly have the back panel done. There you go. Not exciting at all, I haven’t been as vigorous with this project as I would choose to be, but there has been rather a lot of other bustle going on. And not to add to your disappointment, I believe the sweater is going to be put on the backburner for a while. I have three pairs of mittens to pump out before Christmas!

I’m a procrastinator, I’m aware, and I wasn’t initially intending on doing this, but it came back to haunt me and here I am with a pair of pink, green, and blue gloves to do in the next few weeks. It can be done, I don’t fear it, I’m just disappointed that this sweater must sit in a drawer to wait for me to come back to it sometime around Christmas.

On a lighter and a bit more humerous note, I called my mother after Knit Night on Monday and she wasn’t home so I was talking to my dad. He asked me how my sweater was coming and I expressed my guage delimas and how it’s rolling but that it’s my first and it would be fine. His response was one that would only come from a fellow knitter or the husband of one that cares enough to pay attention to what was going on in the secret world of knitting, he said “It’ll all work out once you get it blocked.” And I continued agreeing with him as if he was one of those who sat across the table from me on Monday nights knitting up a Christmas present or sweater of his own, it didn’t strike me until I hung up the phone what had happened within that conversation. I couldn’t help but to laugh to myself and knew imediately that I had to share it with all of you.

So all of this was for the purpose of a post and for you to know that I haven’t failed you, I am still working on my sweater…or was. So there will be more mittens to feast your eyes on before too long!

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