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Self Control Fails Me

So I got a method to my yarn madness and just couldn’t stop. I started this sweater from IK yesterday. It seemed really the best to do with my lovely pink tweed. What’s the real point in self control anyway?


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This blog entry has a lot of parts. Let me start with part A. or Chapter 1 if you will.

I have been eagerly awaiting my Unger French Tweed yarn from a lady on e-bay. As I have been continually expecting it and that I am now carpooling from an alternate location half way across town and being that it was Monday Knit Night (I warned you there were a lot of parts), I called my husband to check the mail for my package.
The conversation went something like this.
Him: Well, I haven’t heard the dog bark.
Me: It’s yarn, it may just be squished in the mailbox.
Him: Ok, I’ll go check….There’s an envelope.
Me: Is it squishy?
Him: Yes, but there doesn’t feel like there’s much in it.
Me: Oh, there should be. (dejected) Never mind. *hangs up the phone*
Note I was concerned that I read the amount wrong. *the phone rings*
Him: Hey! It’s a hat.
Me: A hat?
Him: Yeah, and it’s funny looking…Who’d you order a funny looking hat from.
Me: My mother, it’s my mother, she sent me the hat. So no yarn?
Him: No
Me: Ok, I’ll see you at home later.

From here I wander off to knit club to finish my wrist warmers in the beautiful Manos that I bought. Sulking as I was about not having my sweater yarn I was brought up by the challenge of a sweater off starting on December 26th. So I would just hold off on the sweater until then anyway. After finishing my wrist warmers I wandered back to the coral to find a very large puffy package sitting next to the door with my name on it!I yelped as I ran in the door calling my husband a liar tearing at the package like some kind of feral cat.
I finally break open the package and start pulling on the beautiful pink tweed yarn and what’s the first thing I do? I smell it, I want to take it in, first big whiff and the image of an elderly woman with too much lip stick pops into my mind. Yeah, that’s right, it smelled of old lady perfume…but it will be fine, as soon as it’s knitted it will smell like me, like the sweat and blood from my hands. The thought brings me to the I just can’t take it any more, and I insist on starting right away.
I pull on the first skein of yarn to open it up and begin balling it. Like some kind of bad yarn karma resting on my shoulder the skein turned into this wild attempt to make the largest rats nest you have ever seen. On top of which my cat would not get out of lap because she wanted to “play” with the yarn. She ended up running off with a portion of it as I’m shaking the rest like some kind of deranged British Nanny hoping that an end will magically appear and straighten itself out for me.
I’m not even half way through the skein and I’ve found about 8 ends that I’ve had to tie together for my tiny ball that one day will turn into a fairy princess…er…a sweater. So, alas it may be until Dec. 26 2007 that I get all of this mess clean up and ready for me to knit anything. Hopefully the rest of these won’t be so terribly difficult to get in a ball. Until then the monstrosity is lying in the floor of my bedroom, or wherever the cat has run off with it today.

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Something about a Story

Generally I am not at all a fan of multicolored yarn, variegated, shumuckledy, pieces of madness tend to become of them and it makes me feel unsettled. Don’t get me wrong, I fear not colors, I love color, but there is such thing as too much all in one place that can be unsettling. I didn’t even like the mittens that I did in earthen tones, but alas the self striping makes the gifting world much easier for those whole like multicolored hand works.

Regardless of all of this from the moment that I walked in the yarn shop the very first time I was mesmerized by the beautiful multi colored sachets of handspun Uruguay yarn hanging from the ceiling. It was as if they had been bewitched to make my eyes run over every color and water at the very thought of some kind of knitted goodness made from them. I said no to their calls many times and tried so to focus on tweeds and rough solid colored thick wool that would make something very streamlined and Gap. Alas I broke down, their calls I could handle no longer as I ran my fingers over all of the yarns waiting for one to come alive and wrap its threads around me so that I would know that it was the one.When it happened I gasped, taken back by the one that had chosen me, “no” I tried to say to it, “you can’t be right” but I was afraid to walk away, afraid that it would twist it’s grasp around my neck and leave me in a trap of my own devises. I slid it from the beam on the ceiling where it rest, a shining array of pastels and earthen tones in colors that can’t be described by any words known to man or knitter in this modern language. I felt at a complete loss, why had I bought this? And then it came to me, I can’t resist a story.

The tag reads as follows:
Manos del Uruguay handcrafted kettle dyed pure wool is spun from a luxurious blend of Merino and Corriedal wool. These luxurious striated colors are hand dyed in large kettles to create a marblelized, striated-dramatic effect. No two skeins are exactly alike and there are no dye lots. We recommend buying enough yarn to complete a project and to alternate knitting two rows from one skein with two rows from another, to give an overall blended effect. Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 400 artisans in cooperatives scattered throughout the countryside of Uruguay. The organization’s mission is to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women.”

Above is where the story begins. As I touch the yarn, as I knit with it (a great pair of wrist warmers thanks to the lovely Cassy of my knitting club *curtsey*) the story seems to be told to me stitch by stitch like some deep secret that unravels itself in my ears with every click click click of the needles.

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Beanie Bananza

Thank the Lord it’s finished!

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Finished Hobo Gloves

WARNING: I’m having major font issues, I’m terribly sorry for whatever this looks like!

Ok, so these were really just going to be tagged fingerless, but after the first one was finished my husband claimed them, so then I changed the name to Hobo’s, it seems more appropriate for a man. So minus the adorable buttons that I was going to sew on them to make them feminine they are great men’s Hobo’s. He wore them for the first time today, and though he called to complain that they were too long I believe that overall he likes them. I may have to rip them back about two rows, but he may just have to get over it. My new project is making him a hat with the scraps to match them. It’s nice to be off of mittens/gloves for a little bit.

I have some yarn going off of E-bay tomorrow (I won) for my first sweater project and depending on the exact weight is going to depend on which sweater I go for. Hopefully that will get here around the end of the week or early next week. But note I also broke down and bought some new stuff at the yarn shop this weekend that I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with it. So…in the mean time it’s hanging out in stash. I have one skein (because I’m poor that’s all I could afford) or multi-colored Uruguay yarn that I’m contemplating leg warmers, but at the same time wasn’t something a little nicer than that to do with it. And one skein of Donegal purple tweed that is just beautiful that I believe will make a lovely pair of mittens for my secret Santa…or something else. Who knows with me?

This has turned into a two day long post, I wrote everything prior to this yesterday. From here down is today. So this hat…I’ve decided that I pretty much hate hats. Or maybe it’s just this pattern, I sweat it’s the worst pattern I’ve ever tried to use. I stopped knitting on it last night after I had started decreasing twice (even after five inches) and it still wasn’t looking right. So I waited until I got to work and stole a youth beanie to measure it to, sure enough it wasn’t going to turn out, so I just ripped about 12 rows out. I think I’m going to borrow this beanie, depending on how far I get on my lunch break, so that I have something to base it off of. Right now it’s just kind of a thorn in my side. <!– D([“mb”,”\n
Day three of this post. I keep\nforgetting to email it to myself. So it’s turned into a week long event.\n\n”,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>

Day three of this post. I keep forgetting to email it to myself. So it’s turned into a week long event. My new yarn is being mailed today via my “dealer” on ebay. But at last I have posted and with photos. Hooray!

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Interweave Winter

I got in Inverweave Knits yesterday and I’m flying about trying to figure out what to do first. There are so many wonderful projects, sweaters to be exact, that I’m dying to do. The issue at hand is which one and what yarn to use that isn’t going to break the bank. I do so love Ebay. I’m thinking of doing the knit along A Sweater for Arwen that goes along with the Arwen Cardigan in this issue, but I still must face the yarn issue, this is one that I don’t want to do the color shown because I have two jacket/sweaters exactly that shade of blue.

Back to Ebay for me!

PS Mother, if you’re reading this, large lots of yarn for Christmas is a great idea!

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Homespun Hampster

I found this on someone’s myspace and had to share it!

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