Sad Story

I have decided to not keep this blog up and running any longer. I feel like I’m doing everything twice since I use Ravelry also. Please keep up with me there if you so choose, I am moving such efforts to first passions and leaving my knitting on Ravelry. My username there is the same CoveredInYarn look me up and be my friend there.

Love you all,


Where Do I Keep Going?

Good question…I’m not sure myself.

I’m working a lot and knitting some. I’ve finished a few projects, started a few projects, and ripped a few projects since my last entry.

Someday I will write on here more faithfully. Just letting you know that I’m still here and I will post soon, promise!!!

Boobless in Blood

Wow that sounds like a graphic and scary title.

Boobless would be more or less the project that I’ve been working on. It’s called the Boobholder, only I have no boobs so to speak so on ravelry I called it “If I Had Boobs.” I am pleased overall with how it came out. There is an odd place where there is pulling in the photos, this is where I put an extra snap to secure the fabric, however after seeing the photos I saw that this was both unattractive and unnecessary.

So it doesn’t do that anymore. I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton and I believe that I’m in love. It was a pure dream to work with and the stitch definition is beyond beautiful. I have enough left that I’m going to make fingerless mitts to match and put matching buttons on the side, I’m super excited. I may not start that until later in the year, there will be little need for now, but I do love the way that the sweater turned out.

For now I am back to working on Juliet…I think anyway. Who knows what will be my way soon.

As for the blood, I have finished all three of the Twilight Saga’s thus far, and I am beside myself for Breaking Dawn to come out in about two weeks. I love these books so much. I would however like to say to those of you who are “Team Jacob” that there should not be a team Jacob, that you are all dillusional. No offense of course but I am Coven all the way. Jacob doesn’t, nor should he have a shot in Hell. Just IMO! Haha, can you tell that I feel quite passionately about this? Some of my personal friends are split too and I tell them jus the same thing. However, I suppose if Bella wants Jacob I’d be more than happy to take Edward off of her hands, no questions asked! Hahahahaha!

Ok, enough of that, those of you who haven’t dealved into that realm of geekdom are now going to be both bored and worried about my mental well being. I’m fine, really!

Little Obsessions

I have been knitting, some of my projects right now are a secret so I’m not sharing much…sorry kids.

However, one of the greatest reasons for my silence is my new book obsession. I have just been introduced to my new favorite series. These are the Twilight Saga’s by Stephenie Meyer. I am in love! With a vampire none the less. I am through Twilight and New Moon and just started Eclipes this morning, the new book Breaking Dawn comes out August 4th and I am completely beside myself. I believe the fourth to be the last book from Bella’s perspective. I crave to read however I will be desperately sad when it is all over, and much more so than I have been for any other series. I am obsessive. I know it’s silly for a grown woman to feel this way, but it’s true, I can’t deny it. Secretly, or not so secretly anymore, I long to be bitten!

I must begin by sharing that I was going to imbed the video for “Spin Me Round” but it scared me a little and I didn’t want to shoo you away! So…go youtube it and thank me later!


Project: Pinwheel Baby Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Organic Cotton
Amount Used: 7 balls

Color: Green, Brown, Baby Blue
Needle Size: 10
Time: One week and one hour

Notes: Very fun knit, quick. Great for time mgt.

Knit on!

I have finally finished another project!

I suppose that this is the part that I’m expected to apologize yet again for my absence in writing, but quite frankly no one wants to read: “Dear Blog, I knitted two rounds today, sorry you can’t tell that I’ve made any progress. The end.” So I’m going to skip that garbage and just say, I’ll update you to new movements. I’m moving newly, so here I am.

The Rebecca sweater is FINISHED!


Project: Cropped Sweater, Rebecca Magazine
Yarn: Elzabeth Llavold Cotton Patine
Amount Used: 6.75 Balls

Color: Maroon
Needle Size: 6
Time: Two Months

Notes: This is a highly altered version of the pattern. I made it to fit how I thought it would best stuite me, now that I’m wearing it there are a few other minor changes that I would make, but I still love love love it!

So as I sat on my couch for seemingly hours soaking up the seasons of Sex and the City as if they were the meat and potatoes of my life seaming my sweater when it was finally over I did that thing that I firmly believe that all good knitters do at the end of a big project:
1. I held it up and looked at it proudly.
2. Threw it and the needles back in my lap.
3. Sighed a HUGE sigh of relief.
4. Leaned my head against the back of the couch soaking up the previous moments.
5. Sat up jarred and proclaimed loudly “What’s next?!”

The answer was looming over my head, it had been for months, five months to be exact. Though I walked into the other room, printed off the Juliet pattern and wound three hanks of Malabrigo and begin casting on, I knew that I was cheating…again…
The husband caught me and scolded me. I had promised to knit a baby blanket for someone that i didn’t know. They are paying me of course, but still, the idea of a knit baby blanket sort of seemed to dig at my core. After a day on ravelry and hours walking around AC Moore I saddled up, bought the organic cotton yarn and cast on. In less than a week I am nearly done with the blanket that I thought was going to be hell. And I’m loving it! If the parents don’t like it I’ll keep it! It’s groovy! It’s perfect! I choose the pinwheel pattern and was inspired by a blanket that resembled a beach umbrella and then I just used some colors that were fitting for a growing baby boy. Here’s what I’ve got!

I’m thinking that in the end it’ll be about three and half feet in diameter. It seems to be a fairly good size for a baby. Three strips in the green and three in the brown since three is the perfect number. I think it’s so cute and I should be done and sighing on my couch in the next few days…if work doesn’t kill me first that is.

Side note, I got a job as a barista at Starbucks, not glamerous, but challanging enough, and I’m to be put on management track, so I’m not horrified. Anyway, they seem to like to suddenly schedule me for a lot of 5am shifts! Hooray! Because I love mornings (um…yeah…no)! Oh well, guess I’ll learn!

Anyway, that’s not what this is about. Until the next sigh of relief…knit on!

I have lots of photos to share today! Yippee, unfortunate for you, you must muddle through a lot of words also because I also have a lot to say.

I’ll begin with my rant of the day. Knitting has or perhaps had, become quite popular, we watch the resurgence with excitement, a glimmer in the eye of the fiber arts community, finally there would be recognition of our form. Knitting books were popping up on every corner end cap in every store all over the country, and books with stylish patterns tantalized the eyes of even the most fashion backward knitter. In bus stations, in airports, in doctors offices all over the world you could see people young and old stitching away at the latest pattern. Me, though I am “trendy” with some things, I am quite steadfast in others, this is my art, this is my yoga, this is my rebellion. When a new book came out last month I was of course out of the starting gate ahead of that pack to get to the local book store on that Tuesday to check it out, could it be added to my drool-but-not-buy-list? However when I got to the book store it was nowhere to be found. I stood stone still in-front of the book shelves that once overflowed with all of the newest and best knitting books to find them spread apart and lacking in title and excitement. Irritated my friend and I rushed to yet another store, only to find it the same way. The once floor to ceiling racks of knitting books barely took up floor to mid-waist. I stood staring, mouth agape, a tear trickling down my cheek. What has happened? Have we the faithful to suffer for the indifference of those who no longer consider knitting “trendy,” must we all be forced to look at ten books full of nothing but 101 scarves because that is all that “they” can knit. *screaming* IT’S STRAIGHT KNIT PEOPLE, IT’S NOT THAT FRIGGIN’ HARD!!! Had only I thought of publishing a book for five thousand of the same scarf in different colors, I’d be rich. But now I stand unable to get my greedy hands on a new book, I NEED THEM…I NEED new patterns…they are my crack and I must suffer because there is a newer and perhaps easier drug out there, puff painting perhaps.

On that note, to show my knitting failures at long last. First we have the giant yamaka, the color I am still quite captivated by, but it doesn’t make the bloody thing fit, unfortunately , so now it just stares at me from my basket of unwanted projects. This basket floats quietly next to the Island of Misfit Toys. Maybe one day I’ll actually rip it out and try to start over, until then I’ll let it fraternize with Rudloph and that kid in the green hat with the poof ball, maybe this will fit him….HEY KID!

Next we have the TERRIBLE attempt at the Juliet pattern. This would be what yarn vomit looks like…what not to knit…a garment out of this garbage….I now have $100 worth of this lovely Colenette Prism if anyone is interested in a trade or I’ll sell it to you for half price since two balls are already wound!

This would be when the sweater finally started looking better…unwound…get that garbage off my needles. There is my pile of yarn puke! A shame really…

In keeping with my disasters I felt that I could use a bit of an unravel last week. So I went and got my hair cut. Very exciting, it was fairly longish and I needed a dramatic change. I was so happy with it, I still am. I LOVE IT. Here are a few photos of that. (per mother’s request)

As for knitting successes, I do have a few. Yay! I have been working away at the Rebecca “crop” sweater of which is be anything but cropped on me. The original alteration as seen below was elongated, mine will be elongated even further. I like the look of long lines to make the body appear longer, being that I’m a slight woman, this is good for me. I am using Elsebeth Llavold Cotton Patine and I am absolutely smitten. Here’s what I’ve got so far. A lot of this has been knit on the road this weekend. Jonathan and I took an improptu trip to Florida on Sunday and came back just a few hours ago. We went down to visit his grandmother and then went on to Destin for the night. AND being a good little knitter I also looked up the local yarn shops. The one that I went to Unwind in Ft. Walton Beach was about the cutest with the best curb appeal that I’ve seen by a yarn shop in a long while. We were driving through on Sunday and I spotted it…my yarn dar was going nuts. I started clapping my hand excitedly and squeeling about how beautiful it was. Jonathan rolled his eyes and slowed down so I could eye rape the yarn in the window. I could almost smell it. The other shop in Destin didn’t have an address written but we found it by accident at 11pm next to mattress warehouse…the big red sign in the dark red “Destin Mattresses” and right netx door “Yarn Shop,” this made me giggle a bit as a thought of me wallowing on a mattress naked with Malabrigo flashed in my head, but my actual desire to go there was very little. I wanted to get a good photo of Unwind, but my camera batteries were dead by the time that we go there :(. I did however get three skeins of Malabrigo in colorway Applewood, it’s an interesting color, but it’s Malabrigo, and you guys know my vice. And I suppose that there is no trip to the beach complete without beach photos. So here are two of the better ones…unfortunately I had handed over the camera to the husband and requested “cute photos of me” I came back with about a dozen of nothing but my butt and me making strange faces.